Mohawk Valley Region

The Mohawk Valley is a region defined by the central transportation arteries that run through it: the Erie Canal and the NYS Thruway. Centered on a series of modest canal cities surrounded by college towns and rising hills, the Mohawk Valley is also home to a dynamic space academic network that serves as the backbone for the local space ecosystem.

The Mohawk Valley is home to over 1,100 space and aerospace jobs, with the largest concentration of activity surrounding the Griffiss Institute in Rome. This growing hub is attracting investment and jobs in numerous Aerospace and Space & Defense companies to the Mohawk Valley.

Colleges and universities in every corner of the region offer physics, astronomy, and even astrogeophysics degree programs. There are on-campus planetariums and observatories in the region, as well as a broad array of active student groups in a number of space related fields. The region is also home to a unique asset in the OHM Boces Mobile Planetarium, an amazing resource for bringing STEM and space to students - one Empire Space hopes to see replicated and supported throughout the state.

The Mohawk Valley has a great story to tell about how transportation has shaped its history. There is already an academic foundation in place for space to be a part of its future.

Including 31 organizations and resources throughout the Mohawk Valley Region!

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