Business Capital

New York is the finance capital of the world, and space financing is no exception.

From 2000-2021, New York is a top-2 source of space financing with 18% of space investors in the US. This breaks down into NY as the #1 source for private equity space financing at 39% of the US, #2 source for venture capital space financing at 18% of the US, and #2 source for angel investor space financing at 13% of the US [1].

Empire Space's Business Capital database includes space financing sources from angel investors, venture capital, private equity, and investment banks in most regions of New York State. Activity is focused in New York City, which contains all of the high-space-focus capital sources and most of the moderate-space-focus ones. The next most active regions are the Capital Region, Western NY, and Mid-Hudson, while the least active regions are the North Country, the Mohawk Valley, and Long Island.

New York's high-space-focus financing sources boast ~$10 trillion in assets under management (AUM), while the high- to moderate-space-focus financing sources possess a whopping $25T+ in AUM. These massive AUM figures are mostly contributed to by the investment banks and private equity firms on the list, which are almost entirely in NYC. Nonetheless, these figures demonstrate the scale of the financial players in NY that are active in the space industry.

This database is constructed from publicly available sources, all of which are included in the table below. We are constantly on the hunt for new data sources to better refine our tables.

We encourage you to dive into this data and learn about what’s going on in your region, or find potential sponsors for your organization. This database is still under construction, and we are continuously updating and refining our datasets to present a more accurate picture of the New York space ecosystem. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us!

[1] BryceTech Start-Up Space 2022 Report

Including 190 organizations and resources across New York State!

High Space Focus Level -- 35 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace InvolvementAssetsUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Helios CapitalQueensVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in Spaced Ventures and many other space companiesTwitter   30 (D)15 (D)
Gravity ManagementManhattanVenture CapitalSpaceGrowthVenture Capital and Public Equity for space technology companies75 (D)25 (D)
SP8CEVCManhattanVenture CapitalSpaceEarly GrowthSpace technology and human longevity focused rolling fund in partnership with AngelListTwitter   65 (D)26 (D)
Capt Franz AlmeidaManhattanAngel InvestorSpaceEarly GrowthOperates at SP8CEVC65 (D)26 (D)
Space AngelsManhattanVenture CapitalSpaceEarly GrowthAngel investor platform for space-based technology startupsTwitter   66 (D)26 (D)Angel arm of Space Capital
Space CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalSpaceEarly GrowthSeed stage venture capital firm focused on investments in space-based technology startups, 17 space startup deals 2000-2021, 13 in 2021, per BryceTechTwitter   66 (D)26 (D)The premiere space fund
Dorilton VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in several space companies, including HawkEye and Ursa Space Systems66 (D)26 (D)
CitigroupManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthOne of most active banks in space financing in US per BryceTech, biggest underwriter for SPACs (2021)$205 billionTwitter   66 (D)26 (D)
Goldman SachsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthSecond biggest underwriter of SPACs (2021)$2.2 trillionTwitter   66 (D)26 (D)
AIN VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalSpaceEarly GrowthFocused on defense technology and veteran-led startupsTwitter   66 (D)27 (D)
Google VenturesManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowth12 space deals per BryceTech, Investor in SpinLaunch and Orbital Insight, focus on Frontier Tech, investor in O3b$8 billionTwitter   66 (D)27 (D)
American Industrial Acquisition Corporation (AIAC)ManhattanPrivate EquityManufacturingExitAcquired Bradford Space Systems, focuses include Aviation and Aerospace and Defense73 (D)27 (D)
Deutsche BankManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthOne of most active banks in space financing per BryceTech, Top 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$1.5 trillionTwitter   73 (D)27 (D)
GH PartnersManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertiseTwitter   73 (D)27 (D)
Wells Fargo SecuritiesManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthOne of most active banks in space financing in US per BryceTech, aerospace and defense expertise$603 billionTwitter   73 (D)27 (D)
NEAManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth8 space startups deals (2000-2020) per BryceTech$24 billionTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)ManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth8 space startup deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech$20 billion75 (D)27 (D)
TechstarsManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth23 space startups deals 2000-2021, 16 in 2021, per BryceTechTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
Barclays Investment BankManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise, top 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$586 billionTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
BNP ParibasManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthOne of most active banks in space financing per BryceTech$612 billionTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
HSBC HoldingsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth6 space startup deals per BryceTech, investor in O3b$630 billionTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
Morgan StanleyManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthTop 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$1.5 trillionTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)Host Morgan Stanley Space Summit in NYC annually
Bessemer Venture PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth9 space startups deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech$10 billionTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Global Space VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in SpaceX and many other space companiesTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)Founded by Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux
RRE VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth12 space startups deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech, investments in several space startups including Spire and Ursa Space Systems$2 billionTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Starbridge Venture CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth8 space startups deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech, significant space focus73 (D)28 (D)
Luxembourg Trade and Investment Office - New York (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)ManhattanEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowthSponsor for New York Space Business Roundtable and Space Networking Events, focus on spaceTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Laetitia Garriott de CayeuxManhattanAngel InvestorSpaceEarly GrowthFocus on space investing, Founder of Global Space VenturesTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Richard Garriott de CayeuxManhattanAngel InvestorSpaceEarly GrowthFocus on space investing, President of the Explorers ClubTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Canaccord GenuityManhattanInvestment BankAerospace and DefenseGrowthHome to an active Aerospace & Defense practice, products include a quarterly sector analysis.Twitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Lux CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth16 space startups deals 2000-2021, 6 in 2021, per BryceTech$4 billionTwitter   74 (D)28 (D)
Alumni VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyGrowthOne of 10 most active space investors by deal count per PayloadTwitter   75 (D)28 (D)
Credit SuisseManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise and SPAC advisor for BlackSky, top 3 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$1.6 trillionTwitter   75 (D)28 (D)
Seabury Capital GroupManhattanBoutique Investment BankAerospace and DefenseLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise75 (D)28 (D)
Seldor CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalSpaceEarly GrowthFocused on US space technology startupsTwitter   71 (D)30 (D)

Moderate Space Focus Level -- 52 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace InvolvementAssetsUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
RBC Capital MarketsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$1.84 trillion65 (D)26 (D)
AnthemisManhattanVenture CapitalFintechEarly Growth5 space startup deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech$1.2 billion66 (D)26 (D)
General CatalystManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthInvestor in "Relativity Space" and "Blade"$8 billion66 (D)26 (D)
MS Capital AdvisorsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise67 (D)27 (D)
Innovation EndeavorsManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth6 space startups deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech73 (D)27 (D)
The Carlyle GroupManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExitFocus on Aerospace and Government Services$325 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Arena InvestorsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthInvests in aerospace, aircraft, and parts$4 billion73 (D)27 (D)
B Riley FBRManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthTop 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)73 (D)27 (D)
European Investment BankManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth3 space startup deals per BryceTech, responsible for only space debt financing in 2021 to Endurosat$261.26 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Evercore PartnersManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$3.8 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Houlihan LokeyManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$2.43 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Jefferies GroupManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise, top 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$60.04 billion73 (D)27 (D)
JPMorgan ChaseManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthTop 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021), participant in TerreStar per BryceTech$2.9 trillion73 (D)27 (D)
MoelisManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$6.9 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Raymond JamesManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$194.4 billion73 (D)27 (D)
StephensManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$12.5 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Capricon Investment GroupManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth5 space startups deals (2000-2020) per BryceTech$10 billion75 (D)27 (D)
VenrockManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth6 space startups deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech$4.1 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupManhattanInvestment BankGeneralExitMUFJ capital has several space investments$3.1 trillion75 (D)27 (D)
KeyBanc Capital MarketsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$90 billion75 (D)27 (D)
LazardManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$220.9 billion75 (D)27 (D)
MizuhoManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth6 space startups deals 2000-2021$1.96 trillion75 (D)27 (D)
UBSManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthTop 15 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021), participant in TerreStar per BryceTech$4.5 trillion75 (D)27 (D)
William BlairManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$31.88 billion75 (D)27 (D)
DE ShawManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalGeneralGrowth$60 billion75 (D)27 (D)
M12 (Microsoft Ventures)ManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowthInvestor in AirMap, Airobotics, and Vertical Aerospace75 (D)27 (D)
HBS Alumni Angels NYManhattanAngel GroupGeneralEarly GrowthHave "Defense and Aerospace" sector75 (D)27 (D)
Box GroupManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestments in several space startups including Astranis66 (D)28 (D)
Canaan PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in Hermeus, Capella, Astra, Kepler Communications, and World View, focus on Frontier Tech$6 billion66 (D)28 (D)
Paladin CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalCybersecurityEarly GrowthInvestor in Ursa Space Systems73 (D)28 (D)
Great Oaks Venture CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in "ICON Aircraft"73 (D)28 (D)
ABN AMROManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthOne of most active banks in space financing per BryceTech$21.74 billion73 (D)28 (D)
Cantor FitzgeraldManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthTop 10 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$3.04 billion73 (D)28 (D)
WestPark CapitalManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthAerospace and defense expertise$34.41 billion73 (D)28 (D)
DreamIt VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthFocus on SecureTech74 (D)28 (D)
Dorm Room FundManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthInvestor in "Inversion Space"75 (D)28 (D)
First RoundManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth7 space startups deals 2000-2021 per BryceTech75 (D)28 (D)
Fortress Investment GroupManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExitInvestor in Omnispace$53.3 billion75 (D)28 (D)
BofA SecuritiesManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthTop 15 in SPAC underwriting volume (2021)$1.5 trillion75 (D)28 (D)
Interplay Venture CapitalManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyEarly GrowthPortfolio includes Launcher75 (D)28 (D)
GaingelsManhattanAngel GroupTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in "Orbital Insight" and several drone companies67 (D)29 (D)
R/GA VenturesManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowthPortfolio includes SkySpecs75 (D)31 (D)
Westchester AngelsWhite PlainsAngel GroupTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in "United Aircraft Technologies"91 (D)37 (D)
Arena InvestorsPurchaseInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthInvests in aerospace, aircraft, and parts$4 billion93 (D)37 (D)
WPMCWest PointVenture CapitalSoftwareEarly GrowthInvestor in aviation startupWest Point99 (R)39 (R)
Hudson Valley Startup FundNew PaltzVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in "United Aircraft Technologies"103 (D)41 (D)
Pine Street Capital PartnersAlbanyVenture CapitalGeneralGrowthInvestor in "Scotia Technology"108 (D)44 (R)
New York VenturesAlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowthInvestor in Ursa Space Systems108 (D)44 (R)New York State sponsored venture, manages 3 fully deployed legacy funds including 9 partner funds
Upstate Revitalization Initiative (URI)AlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowthProjects include growing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry in Central NY$1.5 billion108 (D)44 (R)Awarded to Finger Lakes, Central New York, and Southern Tier
Advantage CapitalGlens FallsVenture CapitalGeneralGrowthInvestor in "ACT Aerospace"$3.6 billion108 (D)44 (R)
DeltaPoint Capital ManagementRochesterVenture CapitalGeneralGrowthInvestor in "Horizon Aerospace"137 (D)56 (D)
Simon School Venture FundRochesterVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthInvestor in "Satelles"University of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)

Low Space Focus Level -- 103 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace InvolvementAssetsUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Accelerate Long IslandMelvilleVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth10 (D)5 (R)New York Ventures affiliated
Accelerate NY Seed FundMelvilleVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth10 (D)5 (R)
Quake CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth65 (D)24 (R)
Pipeline AngelsBrooklynAngel GroupGeneralEarly Growth52 (D)25 (D)
S&P GlobalManhattanFinancial ServicesGeneralGrowthInvestor in Ursa Space Systems65 (D)26 (D)
Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)ManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth$1.4 billion66 (D)26 (D)Operate the Scalarator
Thrive CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth$4.3 billion66 (D)26 (D)
Tribeca Venture PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyGrowth66 (D)26 (D)Investments in startups in Buffalo NY
Dorilton CapitalManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralGrowth66 (D)26 (D)
Johnson & Johnson InnovationManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalLife SciencesGrowth66 (D)26 (D)
Citi VenturesManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowth66 (D)26 (D)
Comcast VenturesManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowth66 (D)26 (D)
Contrary Capital - NYUManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthNYU66 (D)27 (D)Include resources for starting startups at affiliated universities
BetaWorks VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth66 (D)27 (D)
NYU Innovation Venture FundManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthNYU66 (D)27 (D)
TPG CapitalManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$114 billion67 (D)27 (D)
Enhanced Capital PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralGrowth$4 billion73 (D)27 (D)
New York Venture PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth73 (D)27 (D)
Advent InternationalManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExitInvestor in several airport companies$88 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Bain CapitalManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$160 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Clayton, Dubilier & RiceManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$43.45 billion73 (D)27 (D)
General AtlanticManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExitInvestor in Sierra Space$84 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Hellman & FriedmanManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$90 billion73 (D)27 (D)
PermiraManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExitInvestor in ABS$63.45 billion73 (D)27 (D)
The Blackstone GroupManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$915 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Warburg PincusManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$80 billion73 (D)27 (D)
Alexandria Venture InvestmentsManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowth$1.1 billion74 (D)27 (D)
Stonehenge Growth CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralGrowth75 (D)27 (D)New York Ventures affiliated
BCG Digital VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalSoftwareEarly Growth75 (D)27 (D)
Insight Venture PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalSoftwareEarly Growth$30 billion75 (D)27 (D)
ff Venture CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)27 (D)New York Ventures affiliated
FirstMark CapitalManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth$2.2 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Rho VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth$1.5 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Silver LakeManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth$90 billion75 (D)27 (D)
EQT PartnersManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$77.64 billion75 (D)27 (D)
KKR & Co.ManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$471 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Neuburger BermanManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$447 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Silver LakeManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$90 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Vista Equity PartnersManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$93 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Stonehenge Capital CompanyManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralGrowth75 (D)27 (D)
BMO Capital MarketsManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth$806 billion75 (D)27 (D)
NomuraManhattanInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth$526.19 billion75 (D)27 (D)
Salesforce VenturesManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowth75 (D)27 (D)
Princeton Alumni Angels NYManhattanAngel GroupGeneralEarly Growth75 (D)27 (D)
Executive Forum AngelsManhattanAngel GroupGeneralGrowth75 (D)27 (D)
37 AngelsManhattanAngel GroupTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)27 (D)
Golden SeedsManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralEarly Growth73 (D)28 (D)Focus on women-led businesses. New York Ventures affiliated.
Apax PartnersManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$60 billion73 (D)28 (D)
CreditEase Fintech Investment FundManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalFintechGrowthHave a focus on Frontier Tech73 (D)28 (D)
Primary Venture PartnersManhattanVenture CapitalSoftwareEarly Growth75 (D)28 (D)Formerly High Peaks Venture Partners
Female Founders FundManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)28 (D)
Samsung NEXTManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)28 (D)
Valar VenturesManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth$1.2 billion75 (D)28 (D)Peter Thiel company
Apollo Global ManagementManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$455.5 billion75 (D)28 (D)
CVC Capital PartnersManhattanPrivate EquityGeneralExit$123 billion75 (D)28 (D)
Samsung NEXTManhattanCorporate Venture CapitalTechnologyGrowth75 (D)28 (D)
New York AngelsManhattanAngel GroupTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)28 (D)
Contrary Capital - ColumbiaManhattanVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthColumbia70 (D)31 (D)Include resources for starting startups at affiliated universities
Gotham VenturesWhite PlainsVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth93 (D)35 (D)
New York Area Angel AllianceWhite PlainsAngel GroupGeneralGrowth91 (D)37 (D)
Gefinor CapitalPurchasePrivate EquityGeneralGrowth93 (D)37 (D)
Purple Sage VenturesHawthorneAngel GroupTechnologyEarly Growth92 (D)40 (D)
Rhinebeck BankRhinebeckInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth$1.26 billion103 (D)41 (D)
Central HudsonPoughkeepsieVenture CapitalGeneralGrowth104 (D)41 (D)
Dutchess County Angel NetworkPoughkeepsieAngel GroupGeneralGrowth106 (D)41 (D)
Orange Bank and TrustMiddletonInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth$1.2 billion100 (D)42 (D)
SUNY VenturesAlbanyVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthSUNY System108 (D)44 (R)
FA Technology VenturesAlbanyVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth108 (D)44 (R)
SUNY Technology Accelerator FundAlbanyVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthSUNY System108 (D)44 (R)
Innovation Technology Commercialization FundAlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralEarly Growth108 (D)44 (R)Participating investment entities include Accelerate NY Seed Fund, CenterState Growth Innovation TC Fund, Z80 Labs Innovation TC Fund, and Excell Partners Innovation TC Fund. New York Ventures affiliated. This fund is closed and the new fund is New York State Innovation Venture Capital Fund.
Empire State Development (NYSESD)AlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowth108 (D)44 (R)
Empire State Economic Development FundAlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowth108 (D)44 (R)
Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)AlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowth108 (D)44 (R)Focus on clean energy
Innovate NY FundAlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowth108 (D)44 (R)Invest Buffalo Niagara affiliated, New York Ventures affiliated
Foundation for Science Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR)AlbanyNYS AgencyTechnologyGrowth108 (D)44 (R)
Tech Valley Angel Network (TVAN)AlbanyAngel GroupTechnologyEarly Growth108 (D)44 (R)
The Collaboration Venture FundAlbanyVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthSUNY Albany109 (D)44 (R)
Eastern New York AngelsAlbanyAngel GroupGeneralGrowth109 (D)44 (R)
Bank of Greene CountyCatskillInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth$2 billion102 (R)46 (D)
Sawyer Savings BankSaugertiesInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth102 (R)46 (D)
BingTech VenturesBinghamtonVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthBinghamton University123 (D)52 (D)
Armory Square VenturesSyracuseVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth129 (D)53 (R)
Onondaga Venture Capital FundSyracuseVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth129 (D)53 (R)
Seed Capital Fund of Central New YorkSyracuseAngel GroupTechnologyEarly Growth129 (D)53 (R)
Cayuga VenturesIthacaVenture CapitalGeneralEarly Growth125 (D)54 (R)New York Ventures affiliated
Kensa GroupIthacaVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth125 (D)54 (R)
Upstate Venture Association of New YorkPittsfordVenture CapitalTechnologyGrowth135 (D)55 (D)
Excell Partners Innovation TC FundRochesterVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthUniversity of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)New York Ventures affiliated, invests up to $1.5M per round
Contrary Capital - CornellIthacaVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthCornell125 (D)58 (R)Include resources for starting startups at affiliated universities
BR VenturesIthacaVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthCornell University125 (D)58 (R)Invest up to $250K per company
Triphammer VenturesIthacaVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth125 (D)58 (R)
RIT Venture FundRochesterVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthRIT138 (D)59 (D)
Rochester Angel NetworkRochesterAngel GroupTechnologyEarly Growth138 (D)59 (D)
Buffalo Innovation Accelerator FundBuffaloVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthUniversity of Buffalo146 (D)61 (D)
Buffalo Innovation Seed FundBuffaloVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthUniversity of Buffalo146 (D)61 (D)
Rand CapitalBuffaloVenture CapitalGeneralGrowth141 (D)63 (D)
Launch NY Seed FundBuffaloVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthUniversity at Buffalo141 (D)63 (D)
SCP Buffalo Incubator/Z80 Labs FundBuffaloVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly Growth141 (D)63 (D)New York Ventures affiliated
M&T BankBuffaloInvestment BankGeneralLate Growth$143 billion141 (D)63 (D)
Buffalo AngelsBuffaloAngel GroupGeneralEarly Growth141 (D)63 (D)
WNY Venture AssociationBuffaloAngel GroupGeneralEarly Growth141 (D)63 (D)
Summer Street Capital PartnersBuffaloVenture CapitalGeneralGrowth149 (D)63 (D)
Buffalo BillionBuffaloNYS AgencyGeneralEarly Growth149 (D)63 (D)$1 billion invested in Buffalo for economic growth, potential $500 million additional