Business Services

New York's booming finance sector supports a thriving network of business service providers, including startup accelerators and incubators, many of which are accessible to space tech companies.

Empire Space's Business Services database includes space business services from startup incubators, startup accelerators, startup communities, and broad service providers in all regions of New York State. Activity is focused in New York City, which contains most of the high- and moderate-space-focus business service providers. The next most active regions are the Capital Region, Western NY, and the Finger Lakes, while the least active regions are the North Country, the Mohawk Valley, and Long Island.

This database is constructed from publicly available sources, all of which are included in the table below. We are constantly on the hunt for new data sources to better refine our tables.

We encourage you to dive into this data and learn about what’s going on in your region, or find potential sponsors for your organization. This database is still under construction, and we are continuously updating and refining our datasets to present a more accurate picture of the New York space ecosystem. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us!

Including 138 organizations and resources across New York State!

High Space Focus Level -- 13 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Academy Investor Network (AIN)ManhattanStartup CommunitySpaceEarly GrowthFocused on defense technology and veteran-led startupsTwitter   66 (D)27 (D)
NewSpace NYCManhattanStartup IncubatorSpaceFoundationSpace startup incubator with space-focused events and funding opportunitiesTwitter   66 (D)27 (D)
Booz Allen HamiltonManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthDedicated support and services for space industryTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
TechstarsManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyEarly GrowthMany Space and Aerospace companies in their portfolioTwitter   75 (D)27 (D)
New York Space Business Roundtable (SSPI)ManhattanStartup CommunitySpaceGrowthExplores the business, financing and ethical governance of the Commercial Space sectorTwitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Luxembourg Trade & Investment OfficeManhattanEconomic DevelopmentSpaceGrowthHighly involved in networking and fostering in-person collaboration within the space ecosystem in New York while offering access and insights into Luxembourg and the wider European market.Twitter   73 (D)28 (D)
Spaced VenturesManhattanFinancial ServicesSpaceEarly GrowthPublic investment portal for equity crowdfunding of space startupsTwitter   75 (D)31 (D)Founded by same person as 9point8 Capital
9point8 CapitalManhattanFinancial ServicesSpaceGrowthFinancial strategy and capital/deal sourcing for space startupsTwitter   75 (D)31 (D)
New York State Empire State Development CorporationAlbanyEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowthHas the Defense Industry Assistance initiativeTwitter   108 (D)44 (R)Includes NYSTAR Programs and Initiatives such as Defense Industry Assistance. Has separate venture fund "Empire State Development Small Business Technology Investment Fund".
BEYourStartAlbanyStartup IncubatorTechnologyEarly GrowthLaunching a Space Contest for space industry entrepreneurs109 (D)44 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
Griffiss Institute Certified Business Incubator (GI)RomeStartup IncubatorCybersecurityEarly GrowthPartnered with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)Twitter   119 (D)47 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
New York Space Alliance (NYSA from RITRE Corporation)RochesterStartup CommunitySpaceGrowthFocused on NewSpace global startups in New York and internationallyCornell University and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)136 (D)55 (D)Offering includes Events, Astrocafe, Startup Bootcamp, Virtual Space Accelerator, and Hacking for Space (H4S)
NASA New York Space Grant ConsortiumIthacaFinancial ServicesSpaceGrowthPromotes NY space, science, and STEM education, research, and enterpriseCornell UniversityTwitter   125 (D)58 (R)Offering includes NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program and New York Space Grant

Moderate Space Focus Level -- 23 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
NewlabBrooklynStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthOriginal HQ for Launcher50 (D)26 (D)
Luminary LabsManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthDoes some consultation for NASA programs.65 (D)26 (D)
McKinsey & CompanyManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave specific industry support for Aerospace and Defense65 (D)26 (D)
Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center (ETIC)ManhattanStartup IncubatorTechnologyEarly GrowthSupporters include Northrop Grumman and other space and defense companiesNY Institute of Technology67 (D)27 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
PwCManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave specific industry support for Aerospace and Defense73 (D)27 (D)
Bain & CompanyManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave specific industry support for Aerospace and Defense75 (D)27 (D)
Boston Consulting GroupManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave specific industry support for Aerospace and Defense75 (D)27 (D)
Galileo Global GroupManhattanFinancial ServicesGeneralGrowthNewSpace NYC affiliated75 (D)27 (D)
InterplayManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyEarly GrowthPortfolio includes Launcher75 (D)27 (D)Offerings include Interplay Venture Capital, Family Office, Studio Incubator and Foundry, and Platform. 37 Angels affiliated.
The NYC Innovation CollectiveManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyEarly GrowthPartnered with Planet Labs75 (D)27 (D)37 Angels affiliated
SAP.iO Foundry New YorkManhattanStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthHave a focus on discrete industries including Aerospace and Defense75 (D)27 (D)
AccentureManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave specific industry support for Aerospace and Defense75 (D)31 (D)
R/GA VenturesManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyGrowthPortfolio includes SkySpecs75 (D)31 (D)
Saratoga Prosperity PartnershipSaratoga SpringsEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowthStrong connections to semiconductors and manufacturing113 (D)43 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
AccentureAlbanyConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave specific industry support for Aerospace and Defense108 (D)44 (R)
Innovate 518AlbanyStartup CommunityTechnologyFoundationHosted "United Airtek"University at Albany109 (D)44 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
Center for Economic GrowthAlbanyFinancial ServicesTechnologyGrowthStrong connections to manufacturing110 (D)44 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
Capital Region Chamber and Entrepreneurship Boot CampAlbanyStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationAerospace and Aviation member companies110 (D)44 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
Partnership for Community DevelopmentHamiltonEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowthPartnered with the Hamilton AirparkColgate University121 (R)53 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
GENIUS NYSyracuseStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthFocus on uncrewed systems with investments in several drone companies129 (D)53 (R)$3M business accelerator competition
Fredonia Technology Incubator (FTI)FredoniaStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationHosted "Orbitist"SUNY Fredonia150 (R)57 (R)
Rev: Ithaca Startup WorksIthacaStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationHosted "Ursa Space"Ithaca College125 (D)58 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
RIT Venture Creations IncubatorRochesterStartup IncubatorTechnologyEarly GrowthMembers include "Hyperspectral Solutions"RIT138 (D)59 (D)

Low Space Focus Level -- 102 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Long Island High Technology IncubatorStony BrookStartup IncubatorTechnologyEarly GrowthStony Brook University4 (R)2 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator, ETIC affiliated, also known as "Long Island Innovation Hotspot"
NY Venture Capital AssociationBay ShoreStartup CommunityGeneralEarly Growth7 (R)4 (D)
Launchpad Long IslandHuntingtonStartup CommunityGeneralEarly Growth10 (D)5 (R)ETIC affiliated
IdeaHUbHempsteadStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly GrowthHofstra University18 (D)6 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
Long Island Capital AllianceNew Hyde ParkStartup CommunityGeneralEarly Growth16 (D)7 (R)
NYDesignsQueensStartup AcceleratorHardwareEarly GrowthLaGuardia Community College37 (D)12 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
The Tech Incubator at Queens CollegeQueensStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationQueens College25 (D)16 (D)Bronx Business Tech Incubator Affiliated
Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning Training LabBrooklynStartup IncubatorGeneralGrowthMedgar Evers College57 (D)20 (D)
CSI Tech IncubatorStaten IslandStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationCUNY Staten Island63 (R)24 (R)Bronx Business Tech Incubator Affiliated
Get Sh!t DoneBrooklynStartup CommunityGeneralEarly Growth52 (D)25 (D)Offers Traction Accelerator. Focus on female founders. 37 Angels affiliated.
Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy ClinicBrooklynStartup CommunityTechnologyEarly GrowthBrooklyn Law School52 (D)26 (D)
NY Tech AllianceManhattanStartup CommunityTechnologyGrowth52 (D)26 (D)
NY Tech MeetupManhattanStartup CommunityTechnologyGrowth52 (D)26 (D)
New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC)ManhattanEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowth65 (D)26 (D)
Partnership for New York CityManhattanEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowth65 (D)26 (D)New York Ventures affiliated
Cyber NYCManhattanStartup CommunityCybersecurityGrowth65 (D)26 (D)
Digital.NYCManhattanStartup CommunitySoftwareGrowth65 (D)26 (D)Online hub of the New York City startup and technology ecosystem, bringing together every company, startup, investor, accelerator, incubator, resource and organization in the five boroughs. Public/private partnership between the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Gust, and over a dozen leading NYC-based technology and media companies.
The ScalaratorManhattanStartup AcceleratorCybersecurityGrowth66 (D)26 (D)Operated by the Jerusalem Venture Press (JVP). Offering includes NYCx Cybersecurity Moonshot Challenge.
Tipping Point PartnersManhattanStartup IncubatorSoftwareFoundation66 (D)26 (D)
TVP LabsManhattanVenture CapitalTechnologyGrowth66 (D)26 (D)
Deloitte ConsultingManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowthHave support for Defense, Security, and Justice, also have Aerospace and Defense under manufacturing66 (D)27 (D)
Tech Startup ClinicManhattanFinancial ServicesGeneralGrowthCardozo Law66 (D)27 (D)
BetaWorksManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyEarly Growth66 (D)27 (D)Offerings include startup studios, camp, build, and ventures. 37 Angels affiliated.
Columbia Startup LabManhattanStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthColumbia66 (D)27 (D)
AngelPadManhattanStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthPotentially work with drones66 (D)27 (D)37 Angels affiliated
Startup Leadership Program NYCManhattanStartup CommunityGeneralGrowth66 (D)27 (D)37 Angels affiliated
Parsons ELAB Entrepreneurial LabManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly GrowthThe New School66 (D)27 (D)
30weeksManhattanStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundation66 (D)27 (D)
Maroon & Gold LabsManhattanStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationCooper Union66 (D)27 (D)
NYU Tandon Future LabsManhattanStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationNYU66 (D)27 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
CUNY I-CorpsManhattanNYC AgencyGeneralFoundationCUNY System67 (D)27 (D)
KPMGManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowth73 (D)27 (D)
International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC)ManhattanNYC AgencyGeneralFoundationCUNY System73 (D)27 (D)Partnered with City College of New York (Zahn Innovation Center), LaGuardia Community College (NYDesigns), Lehman College (Information Technology Innovation Lab), Medgar Evers College (Entrepreneurship & Experiential Learning Training Lab), Queens College (Tech Incubator Center), College of Staten Island (Entrepreneurial Incubator & Educational Center), New York University (Future Labs)
Blackstone LaunchpadManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationMultiple73 (D)27 (D)Partnered with Baruch College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Bronx Community College, Brooklyn College, City College of New York, College of Staten Island, Lehman College, Queens College and Queensborough Community College
Venture OutManhattanFinancial ServicesTechnologyGrowth75 (D)27 (D)37 Angels affiliated
VentureCrush NYManhattanStartup CommunityTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)27 (D)
IBM Global Business ServicesManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowth73 (D)28 (D)
New York Innovation ShowcaseManhattanNYS AgencyGeneralGrowthSUNY System73 (D)28 (D)
CUNY StartupsManhattanNYC AgencyGeneralFoundationCUNY System75 (D)28 (D)
Entrepreneurs Roundtable AcceleratorManhattanStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly Growth75 (D)28 (D)37 Angels affiliated
New York Founder InstituteManhattanStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly Growth67 (D)29 (D)37 Angels affiliated
AstiaManhattanStartup CommunityGeneralGrowth69 (D)30 (D)Focus on female founders. Offering includes Astia Fund, Angels, and Edge. 37 Angels affiliated.
Athena Summer Innovation InstituteManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationBarnard College69 (D)30 (D)
Barnard Startup SummitManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationBarnard College69 (D)30 (D)
Columbia Venture CommunityManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationNewSpace NYC affiliatedColumbia69 (D)30 (D)
Columbia Technology VenturesManhattanStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationColumbia69 (D)30 (D)
CUNY Hub for Innovation and EntrepreneurshipManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly Growth70 (D)30 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
START-UP NYManhattanNYS AgencyGeneralGrowthSUNY System70 (D)31 (D)ETIC affiliated
Zahn Innovation CenterManhattanStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationCity College of New York70 (D)31 (D)
Ernst & Young ConsultingManhattanConsulting FirmGeneralGrowth75 (D)31 (D)
SoBroBronxFinancial ServicesGeneralGrowth84 (D)32 (D)Bronx Business Tech Incubator Affiliated
The Bronx Innovation FactoryBronxStartup AcceleratorManufacturingGrowth84 (D)32 (D)Bronx Business Tech Incubator Affiliated
Bronx Business BridgeBronxStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationLehman College78 (D)34 (D)Bronx Business Tech Incubator Affiliated
Bronx Business Tech IncubatorBronxStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationLehman College78 (D)34 (D)
Hudson Valley Center for InnovationNew RochelleStartup CommunityGeneralEarly Growth91 (D)35 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
Element 46White PlainsStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly Growth93 (D)35 (D)
AccelerateHVNew PaltzStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly Growth104 (D)41 (D)
Think DutchessPoughkeepsieFinancial ServicesGeneralGrowth106 (D)41 (D)
Vassar in TechPoughkeepsieStartup IncubatorGeneralGrowthVassar106 (D)41 (D)
Upstate Capital Association of NYNew PaltzFinancial ServicesTechnologyGrowth103 (D)42 (D)Two separate services for Venture + Growth and Private Equity + M&A
Hudson Valley Venture HubNew PaltzStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationSUNY New Paltz103 (D)42 (D)Also hosts Venture Fest
New York Business Plan CompetitionNew PaltzStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundation103 (D)42 (D)Hosted by Upstate Capital Association of NY
UAlbany Innovation CenterAlbanyStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly Growth107 (R)43 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
Freirich Entrepreneurship CompetitionSaratoga SpringsStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthSkidmore College113 (D)43 (R)
SPARK SaratogaSaratoga SpringsStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly Growth113 (D)43 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
Excelsior JobsAlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowth108 (D)44 (R)
SUNY InsureAlbanyNYS AgencyGeneralGrowthSUNY System108 (D)44 (R)
SUNY Startup Summer SchoolAlbanyNYS AgencyTechnologyFoundationSUNY System108 (D)44 (R)
SUNY TURBOAlbanyNYS AgencyTechnologyFoundationSUNY System108 (D)44 (R)
S.T.E.A.M. GardenAlbanyStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly Growth108 (D)44 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
IgniteU NYTroyStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly Growth108 (D)44 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
Tech Valley Center of GravityTroyStartup CommunityManufacturingFoundation108 (D)44 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
McNulty CenterWatervlietStartup CommunityGeneralGrowth108 (D)44 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
New York Small Business Development CenterAlbanyEconomic DevelopmentGeneralEarly GrowthSUNY System109 (D)44 (R)Network of 22 campus-based centers and outreach offices across NY State
Shipley Center for InnovationPotsdamStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly GrowthClarkson University116 (D)47 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
Innovation CollectiveUticaStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly GrowthCazenovia College119 (D)47 (D)Also in Cazenovia NY with Cazenovia College
thINCubatorUticaStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly Growth119 (D)47 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
New York Biz LabSchenectadyStartup AcceleratorGeneralGrowth111 (D)49 (R)Innovate 518 affiliated
StartFast Venture AcceleratorSyracuseStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly Growth128 (D)50 (D)$1.7M in assets under management (AUM)
Koffman Southern Tier IncubatorBinghamtonStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationBinghamton University123 (D)52 (D)
The HubHamiltonStartup CommunityGeneralGrowth121 (R)53 (R)Affiliated with the Hamilton Partnership for Community Development
CenterState Corporation for Economic OpportunitySyracuseEconomic DevelopmentTechnologyGrowth129 (D)53 (R)
Upstate Venture ConnectSyracuseStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly Growth129 (D)53 (R)
The Tech GardenSyracuseStartup CommunityTechnologyGrowth129 (D)53 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
HWS IdeaLabGenevaStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthHobart & William Smith College131 (R)54 (R)
HWS Summer Sandbox Idea AcceleratorGenevaStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthHobart & William Smith College131 (R)54 (R)
NextCorpsRochesterStartup CommunityTechnologyEarly GrowthUniversity of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
URVenturesRochesterStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationUniversity of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)
SBU Innovation CenterSt. BonaventureStartup CommunityGeneralFoundationSt. Bonaventure University148 (R)57 (R)
Southern Tier Startup AllianceIthacaStartup CommunityGeneralEarly GrowthCornell University, Binghampton University125 (D)58 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
Cornell Venture CapitalIthacaStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationCornell University125 (D)58 (R)
IncubatorWorksCorningStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly Growth132 (R)58 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
VentureWorksGeneseoStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationSUNY Geneseo133 (R)59 (D)
Saunders Summer Startup AcceleratorRochesterStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthRIT138 (D)59 (D)
Simone Center Student IncubatorRochesterStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationRIT138 (D)59 (D)
Launch NYBuffaloFinancial ServicesTechnologyEarly GrowthUniversity at Buffalo141 (D)63 (D)Invest Buffalo Niagara affiliated, has venture fund "Launch NY Seed Fund"
Forge BuffaloBuffaloStartup AcceleratorGeneralGrowth141 (D)63 (D)43North affiliated
43NorthBuffaloStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly Growth141 (D)63 (D)Invest $5M annually in their startups, invest Buffalo Niagara affiliated
Western New York Innovation Network (WIN)BuffaloStartup CommunityGeneralEarly GrowthUniversity at Buffalo141 (D)63 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator, connects several incubators in the western region of NY State including Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, and Niagara Counties
Z80 LabsBuffaloStartup IncubatorTechnologyEarly Growth141 (D)63 (D)
Invest Buffalo NiagaraBuffaloEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowth149 (D)63 (D)
Buffalo Founder InstituteBuffaloStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly Growth149 (D)63 (D)37 Angels affiliated