Legislative Districts

Welcome to the Empire Space Legislative Page, your hub at the intersection of space and government in New York. Here we cross-reference our datasets with the legislative districts for the New York State Assembly & Senate, allowing users and legislators alike to explore the specific institutions, facilities, and organizations that make up the space ecosystem in their districts. We at Empire Space believe information is key, and that an informed and interested Legislature is likely a prerequisite for a vibrant and expanding New York space ecosystem capable of undertaking significant, long-term projects.

This is not an endorsement of any legislation, or any specific party or politician. Empire Space believes that anyone and everyone involved in government and the legislative process benefits from greater information about the New York space ecosystem and its potential to bring jobs, opportunity, and resources to the state.

We hope you find this information useful and thought-provoking. Whether you are a legislator, a staffer, a stakeholder, or a citizen, we all have a role in making New York a leader in the New Space Age.

K-12MUREPPlanetariums &
Fred ThieleAssembly 1 (D)112
Jodi GiglioAssembly 2 (R)2327
Joe DeStefanoAssembly 3 (R)44
Ed FloodAssembly 4 (R)1112317
Doug SmithAssembly 5 (R)42024
Phil RamosAssembly 6 (D)55
Jarett GandolfoAssembly 7 (R)1111316
Michael FitzpatrickAssembly 8 (R)1212
Mihael DursoAssembly 9 (R)2215
Steve SternAssembly 10 (D)2113211525
Kimberly Jean-PierreAssembly 11 (D)112729
Keith BrownAssembly 12 (R)111113
Carles LevineAssembly 13 (D)66
Jake BlumencranzAssembly 15 (R)1157
Gina SillittiAssembly 16 (D)11114
John MikulinAssembly 17 (R)112
Taylor DarlingAssembly 18 (D)11417
Edward RaAssembly 19 (R)17185729
Michaele SolagesAssembly 22 (D)22
David WeprinAssembly 24 (D)336
Nily RozicAssembly 25 (D)1225
Edward BraunsteinAssembly 26 (D)448
Daniel RosenthalAssembly 27 (D)22
Alicia HyndmanAssembly 29 (D)11
Steven RagaAssembly 30 (D)11
Vivian CookAssembly 32 (D)112
Jessica Gonzalez-RojasAssembly 34 (D)11
Jeffrion AubryAssembly 35 (D)3317
Zohram MandaniAssembly 36 (D)11
Juan ArdilaAssembly 37 (D)111115
Catalina CruzAssembly 39 (D)22
Helene WalshAssembly 41 (D)22
Rodenyse Bichette HermelynAssembly 42 (D)11
Brian CunninghamAssembly 43 (D)11
Simcha EichensteinAssembly 48 (D)112
Emily GallagherAssembly 50 (D)123
Marcela MitaynesAssembly 51 (D)22
Jo Ann SimonAssembly 52 (D)1444114
Stefani ZinermanAssembly 56 (D)11
Phara Souffant-ForrestAssembly 57 (D)11214211
Charles FallAssembly 61 (D)11
Sam Pirozzolo Assembly 63 (R)11742116
Grace Lee Assembly 65 (D)5621418
Deborach GlickAssembly 66 (D)211512513571
Linda RosenthalAssembly 67 (D)33221314
Edward GibbsAssembly 68 (D)11
Danny O'DonnellAssembly 69 (D)5413123
Inez DickensAssembly 70 (D)132912119
Al TaylorAssembly 71 (D)112
Alex Bores Assembly 73 (D)42813211673
Harvey EpsteinAssembly 74 (D)3115
Tony Simone Assembly 75 (D)5517311121090
Rebecca SeawrightAssembly 76 (D)11
George Alvarez Assembly 78 (D)216211
Jeffrey DinowitzAssembly 81 (D)1722113
Michael BenedettoAssembly 82 (D)112
Amanda SeptimoAssembly 84 (D)22
Yudelka Tapia Assembly 86 (D)426
Amy PaulinAssembly 88 (D)1113
Gary PretlowAssembly 89 (D)11
Steven OtisAssembly 91 (D)21216
MaryJane Smimsky Assembly 92 (D)1326
Chris BurdickAssembly 93 (D)3111111514
Matt Slater Assembly 94 (D)1124
Dana Levenberg Assembly 95 (D)1113
Kenneth ZebrowskiAssembly 96 (D)2215
John McGowan Assembly 97 (R)31127
Karl BrabenecAssembly 98 (R)11125
Chris Eachus Assembly 99 (R)1179
Aileen GuntherAssembly 100 (D)1113
Brian D. MillerAssembly 101 (R)1124
Chris TagueAssembly 102 (R)213
Sarahana Shrestha Assembly 103 (D)233722221
Jonathan JacobsonAssembly 104 (D)1111318
Anil Beephan Assembly 105 (R)123
Didi BarrettAssembly 106 (D)12411110
Scott Bendett Assembly 107 (R)11
John T. McDonald IIIAssembly 108 (D)141021713350
Patricia FahyAssembly 109 (D)233210
Phil SteckAssembly 110 (D)21211117
Angelo SantabarbaraAssembly 111 (D)12328
Mary Beth WalshAssembly 112 (R)134
Carrie WoehnerAssembly 113 (D)31228
Matthew SimpsonAssembly 114 (R)213
Billy JonesAssembly 115 (D)15219
Scott Gray Assembly 116 (D)12013126
Ken BlankenbushAssembly 117 (R)4116
Robert SmullenAssembly 118 (R)11
Marianne ButtenschonAssembly 119 (D)3211117
Joe Angelino Assembly 121 (R)21144122
Brian Miller Assembly 122 (R)44
Donna LupardoAssembly 123 (D)11134414
Christopher FriendAssembly 124 (R)134
Dr. Anna KellesAssembly 125 (D)541275648
John LemondesAssembly 126 (R)2114
Al StirpeAssembly 127 (D)1124
Pamela HunterAssembly 128 (D)121711
William B. MagnarelliAssembly 129 (D)3411112224
Brian ManktelowAssembly 130 (R)134
Jeff GallahanAssembly 131 (R)243211
Philip PalmesanoAssembly 132 (R)1236
Marjorie BurnsAssembly 133 (R)1252313
Josh JensenAssembly 134 (R)44
Jennifer LunsfordAssembly 135 (D)134
Sarah ClarkeAssembly 136 (D)1113
Demond MeeksAssembly 137 (D)3225737
Harry BronsonAssembly 138 (D)233143530
Stephen HawleyAssembly 139 (R)4116
William ConradAssembly 140 (D)33
Crystal Peoples-StokesAssembly 141 (D)651113
Pat BurkeAssembly 142 (D)12137
Monica WallaceAssembly 143 (D)122510
Michael NorrisAssembly 144 (R)1135
Angelo MorinelloAssembly 145 (R)279
Karen McMahonAssembly 146 (D)221611
David DiPietroAssembly 147 (R)23139
Joseph GiglioAssembly 148 (R)119314
Johnathan RiveraAssembly 149 (D)22352115
Andy GoodellAssembly 150 (R)1241210
Anthony PalumboSenate 1 (R)11115523
Mario MatteraSenate 2 (R)133222233
Dean Murray Senate 3 (R)412512
Monica Martinez Senate 4 (D)14546
Steven Rhoads Senate 5 (R)212914
Kevin ThomasSenate 6 (D)121066732
Jack Martins Senate 7 (R)11123816
Alexis Weik Senate 8 (R)333238
Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick Senate 9 (R)33
Toby Ann Stavisky Senate 11 (D)123
Michael GianarisSenate 12 (D)111137
Jessica RamosSenate 13 (D)33118
Leroy CommieSenate 14 (D)112
Joseph Addabbo Jr.Senate 15 (D)11
John C. Liu Senate 16 (D)19919
Zellnor MyrieSenate 20 (D)12216
Kevin ParkerSenate 21 (D)112
Simcha Felder Senate 22 (D)1113
Jessica Scarcella-Spanton Senate 23 (D)1113
Andrew LazzaSenate 24 (R)1194217
Jabari BrisportSenate 25 (D)2112511
Andrew Gounardes Senate 26 (D)1813414242
Brian Kavanaugh Senate 27 (D)71283181439137
Liz KruegerSenate 28 (D)36624322174
Jose SerranoSenate 29 (D)1113
Cordell Cleare Senate 30 (D)1662212139
Robert JacksonSenate 31 (D)2717522
Luis SepulvedaSenate 32 (D)22
Gustavo RiveraSenate 33 (D)11022116
Nathalia Fernandez Senate 34 (D)213
Andrea Stewart-CousinsSenate 35 (D)1231310
Jamaal BaileySenate 36 (D)1113
Shelly MayerSenate 37 (D)41513418
Bill Weber Senate 38 (R)31224113
Rob Rolison Senate 39 (R)144312
Peter HarckhamSenate 40 (D)1122410
Michelle Hinchey Senate 41 (D)432733426
James Skoufis Senate 42 (D)13271216
Jacob Ashby Senate 43 (R)422114436
James Tedisco Senate 44 (R)16152103450
Daniel StecSenate 45 (R)12525336
Neil Breslin Senate 46 (D)2131411
Brad Hoylman-Sigal Senate 47 (D)421213518
Rachel May Senate 48 (D)21524225
Mark Walczyk Senate 49 (R)13116
John MannionSenate 50 (D)1322715
Peter OberackerSenate 51 (R)28112317
Lea Webb Senate 52 (D)1133091155
Joseph Griffo Senate 53 (R)36112141441
Pam HelmingSenate 54 (R)22195827
Samra BroukSenate 55 (D)11212411
Jeremy CooneySenate 56 (D)3222421548
George BorrelloSenate 57 (R)24814221
Thomas O'MaraSenate 58 (R)35175324
Kristen Gonzalez Senate 59 (D)2411412
Patrick Gallivan Senate 60 (R)26816
Sean Ryan Senate 61 (D)21342921
Robert OrttSenate 62 (R)144817
Timothy KennedySenate 63 (D)8711445544

The following legislative districts are not currently represented in the data above (because they do not contain any applicable data points): 14A, 20A, 21A, 23A, 28A, 31A, 33A, 38A, 40A, 44A, 45A, 46A, 47A, 49A, 53A, 54A, 55A, 58A, 59A, 60A, 62A, 64A, 72A, 77A, 79A, 80A, 83A, 85A, 87A, 90A, 120A, 10S, 17S, 18S, 19S.