MUREP - Minority Institutions

NASA's MUREP (Minority University Research & Education Project) program utilizes multiple different avenues to engage with historically underrepresented populations. NASA and the space sector as a whole have suffered from gaps in representation and a lack of diversity, and MUREP is a flagship NASA program that offers grants, fellowships, internships, mentoring, and other resources to shrink those gaps and open the entire space sector to everyone.

Empire Space hopes this data table serves a number of functions. We hope these institutions gain greater prominence for their programming and their work. We hope other space sector stakeholders throughout the state reach out and establish new partnerships with these organizations to further the cause of expanding opportunity. We also hope young people throughout the state, regardless of who they are or where they grew up, see a place for themselves in a college classroom pursuing a passion for space.

There are 34 higher education institutions in New York that participate in MUREP, 24 of which are located in the five boroughs of NYC. With the rest located in either Long Island or the Mid-Hudson region, this is a program exclusively available in the greater NYC region. Empire Space will work to ensure this critical programming is eventually available in every region of the state!

To determine eligibility for the MUREP program, NASA uses the Department of Education definitions for various Minority Serving Institutions. There are three types of institutions present in New York on this list:

  • AANAPISI - Asian-American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institution
  • HSI - Hispanic Serving Institution
  • PBI - Predominantly Black Institution
For further information about NASA's MUREP program visit their FAQ page!

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Adelphi UniversityAANAPISIGarden CityAdelphi Space & Astronomy ClubFocused on increasing student interest in astronomy.19 (R)6 (D)
Adelphi UniversityAANAPISIGarden CityAdelphi University ObservatoryFor use by Physics & Astronomy students.19 (R)6 (D)
Adelphi UniversityAANAPISIGarden CityPhysicsCombines small class sizes with access to on-campus research facilities.19 (R)6 (D)
Adelphi UniversityAANAPISIGarden CityPhysics ClubWork to share the world of physics with the broader campus.19 (R)6 (D)
Bernard M Baruch College - CUNYAANAPISIManhattanNatural SciencePre-professional specialization offerings include Physics.75 (D)59 (D)
Boricua CollegeHSIManhattanLiberal ArtsGeneral Liberal Arts education.71 (D)31 (D)
Borough of Manhattan Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanRobotics & Science Clubs66 (D)27 (D)
Borough of Manhattan Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanScience2 year program prepares students for further study, including Physics.66 (D)27 (D)
Bronx Community College - CUNYHSIBronxPhysics2 year program prepares students for further study, usually in an Engineering program.86 (D)31 (D)
Bronx Community College - CUNYHSIBronxSTEM ProgramsFocused on enhancing opportunities for underrepresented communities.86 (D)31 (D)
Brooklyn College - CUNYAANAPISIBrooklynPhysicsDesigned for students preparing for graduate work in Physics.42 (D)21 (D)
City College of New York- CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanGrove School of Engineering15 engineering Institutes tackling a wide range of global problems.70 (D)30 (D)
City College of New York- CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanHarlem Launch AllianceAlumni & student run non-profit bringing experimental & sounding rocket developement to high school and college students in Harlem and throughout NYC.70 (D)30 (D)
City College of Technology - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIBrooklynApplied Computational PhysicsBroader and more balanced program than a traditional Physics program.52 (D)26 (D)
City College of Technology - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIBrooklynAstronomy ClubConduct online remote observing sessions via Slooh.52 (D)26 (D)
City College of Technology - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIBrooklynMechatronics ClubFounded in 2010, this NSF supported facility gives students hands on experience in robotics and mechatronics.52 (D)26 (D)
City College of Technology - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIBrooklynTelecommunications EngineeringProgram covers various aspects of telecommunications, including satellite transmission.52 (D)26 (D)
College of Mount Saint VincentHSIBronxGeneral ScienceCoursework includes both Physics and Astronomy.81 (D)33 (D)
College of Mount Saint VincentHSIBronxScience ClubFocused on peer support in science and STEM fields.81 (D)33 (D)
College of Staten Island - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIStaten IslandCUNY Astrophysical ObservatoryRegistered as an official asteroid and comet research station.63 (R)24 (R)
College of Staten Island - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIStaten IslandPhysics & AstronomyFlexible program includes a Teaching option, as well as access to the on campus Astrophysical Observatory.63 (R)24 (R)
College of Staten Island - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIStaten IslandPhysics & Astronomy ClubSeeks to engage students in the wonders of astronomy and space.63 (R)24 (R)
College of Staten Island - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIStaten IslandWomen in TechnologyTackling the gender imbalance in STEM & tech head on.63 (R)24 (R)
Dominican CollegeHSIOrangeburgMathematicsOffers a Teaching specialization.97 (R)38 (R)
Guttman Community College - CUNYHSIManhattanInformation TechnologyPrepares students for the technical workspace of tomorrow.66 (D)28 (D)
Hunter College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanPhysics & AstronomyProgramming prepares students for further studies in physics and astronomy at partner CUNY institutions.73 (D)28 (D)
Hunter College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanPhysics & Astronomy SocietyFocused on mentorship and professional development.73 (D)28 (D)
John Jay College of Criminial Justice - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIManhattanPRISMProvides mentorship for students pursuing science & math studies.67 (D)47 (D)
LaGuardia Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueensEngineering Science2 year program includes a Physics track.37 (D)12 (D)
Lehman College - CUNYHSIBronxPhysics & AstronomyNumerous hands on research opportunities in diverse areas of both Physics & Astronomy.78 (D)31 (D)
Lehman College - CUNYHSIBronxS-STEM ClubClub meets regularly to discuss the latest developments in STEM, job opportunities, and community service plans.78 (D)31 (D)
Medgar Evers College - CUNYPBIBrooklynPhysics & Computer ScienceDedicated effort to increase opportunity in Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering among underrepresented groups.57 (D)20 (D)
Medgar Evers College - CUNYPBIBrooklynScience AssociationEncourages students to take a broad perspective on the wonders of science.57 (D)20 (D)
Mercy CollegeHSIDobbs FerryMultiple STEM student organizations92 (D)35 (D)
Mercy CollegeHSIDobbs FerrySTEM EducationPrepares teachers in STEM fields.92 (D)35 (D)
Metropolitan College of New YorkHSI, PBIManhattanScience & Information TechnologyPrepares students to maintain computer systems.65 (D)27 (D)
Nassau Community CollegeHSIGarden CityNassau Community College Planetarium19 (R)6 (D)
Nassau Community CollegeHSIGarden CityPhysical SciencesBroad curriculum includes use of on campus planetarium and observational telescopes.19 (R)6 (D)
New York Institite of TechnologyAANAPISIOld WestburyMechanical Engineering - AerospaceFocus on aircraft and space vehicle design.19 (R)7 (R)
New York Institite of TechnologyAANAPISIManhattanPhysicsSmall class sizes with diverse range of research options.19 (R)7 (R)
Nyack CollegeHSIManhattanInformation Technology65 (D)27 (D)
Old Westbury College - SUNYAANAPISI, HSIOld WestburyChemistry & PhysicsBroad, interdisciplinary mentality underlies all programming.15 (R)7 (R)
Orange County Community CollegeHSIMiddletownEngineering Science2 year program prepares students to transfer to a wide range of Engineering programs.100 (D)42 (D)
Purchase College - SUNYHSIPurchaseMathematics & Computer Science93 (D)37 (D)
Queens College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueensPhysicsSmall class sizes offering some of the most rigorous courses available at the school.25 (D)16 (D)
Queens College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueensPhysics ClubFocused on stimulating student interest in physics.25 (D)16 (D)
Queensborough Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueens3D Printing Club - Society of Additive ManufacturingInnovative and hands on group focused on a revolutionary new technology application.26 (D)16 (D)
Queensborough Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueensPhysics (STEM Academy)2 year program prepares students for further education in a wide range of STEM fields.26 (D)16 (D)
Queensborough Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueensScience Research AllianceInterest in generating broad interest in science and research.26 (D)16 (D)
Queensborough Community College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSIQueensWomen in ScienceA space to discuss barriers to women in STEM.26 (D)16 (D)
Rockland Community CollegeHSISuffernAerospace Engineering98 (R)38 (R)
St. Johns UniversityAANAPISIQueensPhysicsPrepares students to be scientifically literate lifelong learners, with direct links to the on campus graduate program.24 (D)16 (D)
St. Johns UniversityAANAPISIQueensPhysics MBAUnique joint program offering can be completed in 5 years.24 (D)16 (D)
St. Johns UniversityAANAPISIQueensSociety of Physics Students*group status uncertain, limited information provided*24 (D)16 (D)
St. Joseph's CollegeHSIBrooklynMathematics & Computer SciencePrepares students for one of the fastest growing career fields.57 (D)25 (D)
St. Joseph's CollegeHSIBrooklynScience ClubSeeks to heighten student awareness and interest in science.57 (D)25 (D)
Sullivan County Community CollegeHSILoch SheldrakeMath & Science110 (D)51 (R)
Vaughn College of Aeronautics & TechnologyAANAPISI, HSIQueensAeronautical SciencesBlends flight training with academic programming.35 (D)13 (D)
Vaughn College of Aeronautics & TechnologyAANAPISI, HSIQueensMechanical Engineering - Aerospace35 (D)13 (D)
Vaughn College of Aeronautics & TechnologyAANAPISI, HSIQueensNumerous student groupsCollege recently ranked #1 in upward mobility nationwide.35 (D)13 (D)
Westchester Community CollegeHSIValhallaMath, Science, & EngineeringWide range of STEM programs available.92 (D)35 (D)
York College - CUNYAANAPISI, HSI, PBIQueensPhysicsProgram includes opportunities supported by NASA.32 (D)14 (D)