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Here at Empire Space, we want you to feel that space and astronomy is something you can do, not just read about and appreciate from a distance. Whether it's finally realizing a passion for stargazing or amateur rocketry, arranging a school field trip to your local planetarium, or contacting your Legislators about the importance of space, there is always a place for you and your voice in the New York space sector.

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Space Prize Pledge & DEI Toolkit

Space Prize is a leading organization pushing to empower young women in the new space economy. Their Space Prize NYC Challenge is an inspiration to people across New York and a model for future efforts to bring everyone’s voice to the space conversation.

Space Prize provides several methods for the public to drive gender diversity goals in the space industry:

  1. Sign the Space Prize Pledge: This is a foundational way for individuals and organizations to commit to the principle that STEAM education for young women is the gateway for greater representation in space, and greater representation benefits the entire space ecosystem. Once signed on you are committing to stay informed on Space Prize events and share the opportunities with your network.
  2. Review and adopt the Space Prize DEI Report and Toolkit: The Report shares key insights into DEI in the space industry, while the Toolkit provides a framework and steps for improving your organization's approach to DEI.
We at Empire Space have signed the Space Prize Pledge and are adopting the DEI Toolkit. We encourage everyone to consider these as well!

Diversity Pledge

We strongly support the Space Workforce 2030 Diversity Pledge and hope all New York space ecosystem stakeholders incorporate it into their operations. Diversifying the space sector strengthens it, and this pledge is another step along that path.

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