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New York Home to Robust Space Defense Manufacturing Sector

Patrick Chase
Jun 13 2023

New York possesses significant capabilities in the space and aerospace defense manufacturing sector, including a number of key civilian and military assets, positioning it as a major contributor to the American space defense economy.

The sector has been established in New York for over 80 years, and Empire Space tracks 28 Space Defense Manufacturing firms operating at 52 unique locations throughout the state employing at least 25,000 people. These firms are defined by a demonstrated history of serving defense sector clients and also possess manufacturing capabilities in the space or aerospace sector.

These firms operate in 9 of the state’s 10 regions, with the greatest concentrations in Long Island, Central New York, the Finger Lakes, and Western New York. This group includes established firms such as L3Harris, Moog, Amphenol Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Saab, and Arkwin Industries. There are also a significant number of smaller (often family-owned) firms that fill out the sector, adding diversity and redundancy to the ecosystem.

New York is home to one of the few Air Force Research Laboratories at the Griffiss Institute in Rome, a rapidly growing hub of defense manufacturing talent as well as host to one of the largest UAS testing facilities in the country. There are also a number of other unique commercial and academic aerospace testing facilities across the state that serve the defense manufacturing sector.
This sector would benefit from additional attention and investment from both the financial sector and New York State Government. There is a need to update workforce training resources to better position the sector in the rapidly changing global space economy. New York possesses significant academic resources to address this issue.

The following map displays key nodes in the New York space defense manufacturing sector, with major hubs and facilities highlighted. *The full appendix of included organizations is at the bottom of the page.*

The following firms are considered part of the Space Defense Manufacturing Sector by meeting both of the following criteria:

History of servicing the Defense Department directly or the defense industry more broadly.
On-site aerospace manufacturing capabilities.

The details for these companies can be found on the Empire Space Data page.

Capital Region

* Quest Global - Quest offers a wide range of manufacturing, digital, and software services to aerospace and defense clients.
* Lockheed Martin

Central New York

* Saab Group - Branch of Saab's North American operations that specializes in military radar and air traffic control systems.
* Lockheed Martin - This facility develops and manufactures advanced radar systems for domestic and international military customers.

Finger Lakes

* L3Harris - Operates at least 8 separate sites throughout the Finger Lakes Region, serving as the hub for their extensive navigation, communications, and electronics manufacturing network.
* Moog Animatics - A precision manufacturing facility part of the Moog network of companies.

Long Island

* Adept Engineering - Decades of engineering expertise with extensive experience with aerospace and military customers.
* Aeroglen - World class aerospace supply chain infrastructure with a legacy of serving aerospace and defense customers.
* Alpal Precision Machining - 100% focused exclusively on supplying quality precision parts to the aerospace and defense sectors.
* Arkwin Industries - Expert in aeronautical hydraulic systems, with military clients including the F-35 fighter jet project.
* BAE Systems - The Greenlawn facility is a part of the BAE defense and military production pipeline.
* EB Industries - Performing high quality precision welding for the aerospace and defense industries since 1965.
* Frequency Electronics - Decades of experience developing Precision Time & Frequency devices, with both commercial and government/military clients.
* Konar Precision Manufacturing - Family owned machine shop serving aerospace and defense clients.
* L3Harris - This facility is part of the navigation, electronics, and communications manufacturing network.
* Lockheed Martin
* Metropolitan Aircraft Parts - Hardware and parts provider for both commercial and military aerospace clients.
* Northrop Grumman - Production site for the Apollo Lunar Module, this location has been a key node for Northrop Grumman throughout its existence.
* NorcaTec - Wide array of parts available to military and commercial aerospace customers.
* North Atlantic Industries - Vertically integrated hardened electronics and power supply system manufacturer for commercial and military aerospace clients.
* Peerless Aerospace - 70 years of experience providing quality parts to every major aerospace and defense company.
* RS Precision - Decades of experience manufacturing complex parts for various high-risk aerospace and defense applications.
* S3 Aerospace - Woman owned parts supplier for the aerospace and defense ecosystem including electronics, hardware, aircraft spares, and international trade compliance.
* Tower Fasteners - Provides high quality fasteners and bolts to military and commercial aerospace clients.

Mohawk Valley

* BAE Systems - The Rome facility is part of the Griffiss Institute and a node in BAE's defense oriented network.
* L3Harris - This facility is part of the navigation, electronics, and communications manufacturing network.
* Lockheed Martin
* Northrop Grumman

North Country

* Raytheon Technical Services - This electrical repair facility is located on the Fort Drum military base and is part of the Raytheon aerospace & defense network.


* C3AI - Advanced AI development with applications including telecommunications and aerospace.
* L3Harris - This facility is part of the Maritime Power & Energy branch.
* Northrop Grumman

Southern Tier

* Amphenol Aerospace - Southern Tier facility is a leading military and aerospace manufacturer of precision connective parts.
* BAE Systems - This facility offers a wide range of commercial and defense electronics manufacturing capabilities.
* Lockheed Martin - Large machining and manufacturing facility with a focus on Data, Communications, and Avionics systems.

Western New York

* ITT Enidine - This facility specializes in a diverse array of parts manufacturing for aerospace and defense clients.
* Lockheed Martin - Site of the Lockheed Martin Gravity Systems team, which develops precision accelerometers and gravity gradiometers for commercial and military aerospace applications.
* Moog Space & Defense Group - 60+ years working in the space, aerospace, and defense sectors, growing a broad network of subsidiaries across Western NY.
* Northrop Grumman

The following appendix is the full list of organizations and facilities included in the Space Defense Manufacturing Network image above.

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