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Title Published
Diversity Ownership in the New York Space Sector
Patrick Chase, Aayusha Singh, Amrit Roy
Mar 12 2024
New York All In On NASA’s Crewed Moon Missions
Patrick Chase
Jan 07 2024
Empire Space Profiles: New Yorkers in Space Part I
Serena Sidlow & Patrick Chase
Aug 02 2023
New York Home to Robust Space Defense Manufacturing Sector
Patrick Chase
Jun 13 2023
Multiple Astronauts With New York Ties Aim for the Stars
Patrick Chase & Serena Sidlow
Apr 22 2023
NASA Affiliated Companies Key Part of NY Space Ecosystem
Patrick Chase & Aayusha Singh
Apr 07 2023
New York a Space Finance Powerhouse
Patrick Chase
Dec 11 2022
New York Lags Key States in Race to Space: Summary
Patrick Chase
Nov 03 2022
Nasa Impacts Vary Significantly By State, New York 15th Overall
Patrick Chase
Oct 30 2022
New York Lags Key States in Race to Space
Patrick Chase
Oct 30 2022
New York Home to Diverse Array of Space Companies
Patrick Chase
Aug 19 2022
New York Space Economy: Potential Growth Under Threat
Patrick Chase
Jun 28 2022
Empire Space Legislative Analysis
Patrick Chase
Jun 06 2022
NY Regions Home to Dynamic Space Ecosystems
Patrick Chase
May 24 2022
Space Schools Fuel Bright Future in New York
Patrick Chase
Feb 06 2022
Public Opinion on Space: The Story of the Data
Patrick Chase
Sep 13 2021
Mythbusting: New York & Space
Patrick Chase
Sep 09 2021
Civic Infrastructure & Facilities Summary
Patrick Chase
Sep 05 2021
New Yorkers In Space
Patrick Chase
Aug 19 2021
Civic Groups & Forums Summary
Patrick Chase
Aug 13 2021
NY Space Sector Economic Summary
Patrick Chase
Aug 01 2021