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The New York space sector possesses an incredibly rich and diverse array of colleges and universities, educating thousands of students, hosting planetariums and observatories, and serving as key focal points for local and regional space communities. These higher education campuses offer space related courses, host student groups that enrich the lives of thousands of students, and facilitate cutting edge research and development.

Every region is home to a series of these academic institutions, and they will serve as critical engines of growth throughout the state in the years ahead. We encourage you to explore the institutions in your region that are active in the space sector and find ways to join and support their work. If you are a member of a space sector institution or group, we encourage you to reach out and find new and creative ways to join forces with these space sector leaders!
Including 339 organizations and resources across all of New York State!

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Adelphi UniversityGarden CityStudent GroupAdelphi Space & Astronomy Club119 (R)6 (D)Long IslandFocused on increasing student interest in astronomy.
Adelphi UniversityGarden CityCivic InstitutionAdelphi University Observatoryunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandFor use by Physics & Astronomy students.
Adelphi UniversityGarden CityDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandCombines small class sizes with access to on-campus research facilities.
Adelphi UniversityGarden CityStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   119 (R)6 (D)Long IslandWork to share the world of physics with the broader campus.
Alfred UniversityAlfredDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomyunknown148 (R)58 (R)Western NYNumerous areas of concentration with a wide range of astronomy courses available.
Alfred UniversityAlfredDegree ProgramPlanetary Science (Minor)unknown148 (R)58 (R)Western NYGeared towards Astronomy and Geology students who wish to apply their studies to other planets utilizing the Stull Observatory.
Alfred UniversityAlfredDegree ProgramSaxon Fly (Drone Club)Twitter   unknown148 (R)58 (R)Western NYRecreational drone club with big ambitions.
Alfred UniversityAlfredDegree ProgramSociety of Women Engineersunknown148 (R)58 (R)Western NYAssists those in STEM fields to settle into the professional world, specifically young women.
Alfred UniversityAlfredCivic InstitutionStull Observatoryunknown148 (R)58 (R)Western NYNumerous telescopes available for student use, the largest of which is a 20" Newtonian.
Barnard CollegeManhattanDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomyunknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCExtensive and diverse programming offered in conjunction with Columbia University.
Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonStudent GroupAeroBingunknown123 (D)52 (D)Southern TierAmbitious student effort to launch the 1st amateur rocket from New York into space, and only the 2nd University team to ever accomplish the feat.
Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonStudent GroupAstronomy Club465123 (D)52 (D)Southern TierEvents include a 'S'mores & Stargazing' campfire.
Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown123 (D)52 (D)Southern TierProgram offers both theoretical and experiment tracks.
Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeManhattanStudent GroupRobotics & Science Clubsunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYC
Borough of Manhattan Community CollegeManhattanDegree ProgramScienceunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYC2 year program prepares students for further study, including Physics.
Bronx Community CollegeBronxDegree ProgramCUNY Geospatial Centerunknown86 (D)31 (D)NYCFounded in 2010 the program has grown to offer new internships, courses, grants, and awards.
Bronx Community CollegeBronxDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown86 (D)31 (D)NYC2 year program prepares students for further study, usually in an Engineering program.
Bronx Community CollegeBronxDegree ProgramSTEM Programsunknown86 (D)31 (D)NYCFocused on enhancing opportunities for underrepresented communities.
Bronx Community CollegeBronxStudent GroupTau Alpha Piunknown86 (D)31 (D)NYCHonor Society for science & tech students at 2-year colleges.
Buffalo StateBuffaloStudent GroupAstronomy Geology Club41149 (D)61 (D)Western NYProjects, field trips, and social events sponsored by a very unique merger of the Astronomy and Geology clubs.
Buffalo StateBuffaloDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown149 (D)61 (D)Western NYProgram includes a 3+2 Engineering option.
Buffalo StateBuffaloCivic InstitutionWhitworth Ferguson PlanetariumTwitter   unknown149 (D)61 (D)Western NYLocated directly on campus for use by both students and the public.
City College of New YorkManhattanStudent GroupAIAAFacebook5370 (D)30 (D)NYCParticipates in Design, Build, Fly competitions.
City College of New YorkManhattanDegree ProgramGrove School of EngineeringTwitter   unknown70 (D)30 (D)NYC15 engineering Institutes tackling a wide range of global problems.
City College of New YorkManhattanCivic InstitutionHarlem Launch Allianceunknown70 (D)30 (D)NYCAlumni & student run non-profit bringing experimental & sounding rocket development to high school and college students in Harlem and throughout NYC.
City College of New YorkManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsTwitter   unknown70 (D)30 (D)NYCProgram prides itself on broad diversity among staff and students along with brand new science and research facilities.
City College of New YorkManhattanStudent GroupPhysics ClubFacebook6870 (D)30 (D)NYCFoster interest in physics among undergraduates and within the Physics department.
City College of New YorkManhattanStudent GroupRobotics ClubFacebook10970 (D)30 (D)NYCHolds multiple workshops throughout the year.
City College of New YorkManhattanStudent GroupSociety of Women Engineersunknown70 (D)30 (D)NYCMentor and support women in engineering.
City College of New YorkManhattanStudent GroupTau Beta Pi2470 (D)30 (D)NYCEngineering honor society.
City College of New YorkManhattanStudent GroupWomen's Robotics ClubFacebook7870 (D)30 (D)NYCFocused on fostering success of women in engineering.
City College of TechnologyBrooklynDegree ProgramApplied Computational Physicsunknown52 (D)26 (D)NYCBroader and more balanced program than a traditional Physics program.
City College of TechnologyBrooklynStudent GroupAstronomy Club452 (D)26 (D)NYCConduct online remote observing sessions via Slooh.
City College of TechnologyBrooklynStudent GroupMechatronics Club1052 (D)26 (D)NYCFounded in 2010, this NSF supported facility gives students hands on experience in robotics and mechatronics.
City College of TechnologyBrooklynDegree ProgramTelecommunications Engineeringunknown52 (D)26 (D)NYCProgram covers various aspects of telecommunications, including satellite transmission.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryProgram offers wide array of courses, co-ops, internships, and an impressive network of on-campus clubs.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupAIAA1116 (D)45 (R)North CountryServes as the campus chapter of the national AIAA organization.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupAmerican Indian Science and Engineering SocietyFacebook1116 (D)45 (R)North CountryMission is to increase the presence of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in STEM fields.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupArnold Air SocietyFacebook1116 (D)45 (R)North CountryPromotes aerospace power while offering Officer candidates an opportunity to serve the campus and the broader community.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupDesign, Build, FlyTwitter   4116 (D)45 (R)North CountryParticipates in the annual AIAA competition.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamDegree ProgramInstitute for STEM Educationunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryFocused on developing the highest quality STEM educators to lead the next generation of learners.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupNational Society of Black EngineersFacebook1116 (D)45 (R)North CountrySupports its members through workshops and social events.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamDegree ProgramPhysics (BS)Twitter   unknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryWide range of areas for study available, including supernovae.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamDegree ProgramPhysics (MS & PhD)Twitter   unknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryBoth MS & PhD programs offer a wide range of fields of specialization.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupPhysics Club2116 (D)45 (R)North CountryDedicated to sharing the joy of physics with the Clarkson community.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamCivic InstitutionReynolds Observatoryunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryLong exposure telescopes allow for deep sky research.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupRocketry ClubFacebook1116 (D)45 (R)North CountryDedicated to the flying of high performance rockets.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupSociety of Asian Scientists and EngineersFacebook1116 (D)45 (R)North CountryFocused on networking and career growth for members.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupSociety of Hispanic Professional EngineersFacebook8116 (D)45 (R)North CountryAims to empower the Hispanic community to reach it's full potential in all STEM related fields.
Clarkson UniversityPotsdamStudent GroupSociety of Women EngineersTwitter   1116 (D)45 (R)North CountryEmpowers women in STEM fields to grow as professionals and leaders
Colgate UniversityHamiltonDegree ProgramAstrogeophysicsunknown121 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyMultidisciplinary program for students interested in the evolution of the Solar System.
Colgate UniversityHamiltonDegree ProgramAstronomy-Physicsunknown121 (R)53 (R)Mohawk Valley
Colgate UniversityHamiltonDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown121 (R)53 (R)Mohawk Valley
Colgate UniversityHamiltonStudent GroupSEDSunknown121 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyConduct outreach to local middle schools.
Colgate UniversityHamiltonStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown121 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyFocus on inspiring an interest in physics and supporting undergraduate Physics majors.
Colgate UniversityHamiltonStudent GroupStar GateFacebookunknown121 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyFocus on astrophotography.
College of Staten Island - CUNYStaten IslandCivic InstitutionCUNY Astrophysical ObservatoryTwitter   unknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCRegistered as an official asteroid and comet research station.
College of Staten Island - CUNYStaten IslandDegree ProgramPhysics & AstronomyTwitter   unknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCFlexible program includes a Teaching option, as well as access to the on campus Astrophysical Observatory.
College of Staten Island - CUNYStaten IslandStudent GroupWomen in TechnologyTwitter   unknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCTackling the gender imbalance in STEM & tech head on.
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramAstronomyTwitter   unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCCourses available for both Majors students as well as interested Liberal Arts students.
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramAstronomy (PhD)unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCDiverse program includes a partnership with the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona.
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramAstrophysicsunknown69 (D)30 (D)NYC
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramColumbia AstrobiologyTwitter   unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYC
ColumbiaManhattanStudent GroupColumbia Astronomy Public OutreachTwitter   1569 (D)30 (D)NYCFocused on public outreach & event planning.
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramColumbia Quantum InitiativeTwitter   unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCMulti-disciplinary effort to understand the quantum world and develop new technologies.
ColumbiaManhattanStudent GroupColumbia Space InitiativeTwitter   2269 (D)30 (D)NYCMultiple active research missions.
ColumbiaManhattanStudent GroupColumbia Technology VenturesTwitter   unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCHub for the extensive innovation culture at Columbia.
ColumbiaManhattanStudent GroupColumbia University AIAATwitter   unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCActivities include a flight simulator and conversations with astronauts.
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCRigorous coursework paired with a heavy research component prepares students for graduate level studies.
ColumbiaManhattanDegree ProgramPhysics (PhD)unknown69 (D)30 (D)NYCDepartment excels at both theoretical and experiment physics.
ColumbiaManhattanStudent GroupSpectraFacebook1069 (D)30 (D)NYCSociety for diversity & inclusion in physics.
Cooper UnionManhattanStudent GroupCooper in Spaceunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCExtensive alumni network throughout the space sector.
Cooper UnionManhattanDegree ProgramMechanical Engineeringunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCFocused on interdisciplinary, varied curriculum that prepares students for a wide range of careers.
Cooper UnionManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCDesigned to introduce students to the physics that underpin various fields of engineering.
Cooper UnionManhattanStudent GroupSTEM Outreachunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCA series of STEM community outreach programs and events.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramApplied & Engineering PhysicsTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierExtensive and diverse cross disciplinary research portfolio.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramAstronomyTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierNumerous opportunities include potential work with NASA as well as two off campus Observatories.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupAstronomy Graduates NetworkTwitter   7125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierFocus on building a strong graduate Astronomy community while conducting extensive public outreach.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCornell Astronomical SocietyFacebook5125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierAccess to extensive observing resources, including the Fuertes Observatory.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCornell Chapter of the AIAAFacebook5125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierPromotes the interests of aerospace students.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCornell Rocketry TeamFacebook40125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierAnnual goal of designing a rocket to compete in the Spaceport America Cup.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCosmic Cornell1125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierHolistic approach to the study of our future in space. Group may no longer be active
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramEarth & Atmospheric SciencesTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierAreas of study include geophysics and applied climatology.
CornellIthacaCivic InstitutionFuertes ObservatoryTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierOperated by the Cornell Astronomy Department, used for public viewing events.
CornellIthacaCivic InstitutionHartung-Boothroyd ObservatoryFacebookunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierUsed primarily for graduate Astronomy research.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramMaterials Science & Engineeringunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierRegularly ranked as a Top 10 Materials Science program by US News & Reports.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierModular curriculum allows for different student specializations and concentrations.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramScience & Technology Studiesunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierProgram explores the social and cultural aspects of technology.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramSibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierOverarching school for a wide range of MAE degree programs.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupSIGMA: Grads in Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringFacebookunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierGraduate organization for the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramSpace Science & EngineeringTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierFocus on satellite systems and remote sensing.
CornellIthacaResearch ProgramSpacecraft Planetary Imaging Facilityunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierProvides research support for students and planetary scientists, also conducts educational outreach throughout Central NY.
Corning Community CollegeCorningCivic InstitutionEileen Collens Observatoryunknown66 (D)58 (R)Southern TierHosts regular public viewing nights.
Corning Community CollegeCorningDegree ProgramEngineering Scienceunknown66 (D)58 (R)Southern Tier2 year program prepares students for careers or further study in various fields of engineering, including Physics and Aerospace.
CUNY Graduate School & UniversityManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown75 (D)28 (D)NYC
CUNY HunterManhattanStudent GroupAstronomy & Physics Societyunknown73 (D)28 (D)NYCFocused on mentorship and professional development.
CUNY HunterManhattanDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomyunknown73 (D)28 (D)NYCProgramming prepares students for further studies in physics and astronomy at partner CUNY institutions.
CUNY Staten IslandStaten IslandCivic InstitutionCUNY Astrophysical Observatoryunknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCRegistered as an official asteroid and comet research station.
CUNY Staten IslandStaten IslandDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomyunknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCFlexible program includes a Teaching option, as well as access to the on campus Astrophysical Observatory.
CUNY Staten IslandStaten IslandStudent GroupPhysics & Astronomy Clubunknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCSeeks to engage students in the wonders of astronomy and space.
CUNY Staten IslandStaten IslandStudent GroupWomen in TechnologyFacebookunknown63 (R)24 (R)NYCTackling the gender imbalance in STEM & tech head on.
Farmingdale State CollegeFarmingdaleDegree ProgramAviationunknown10 (D)2 (R)Long IslandLargest flight school in the region, prepares students for a career in aeronautics.
Farmingdale State CollegeFarmingdaleDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown10 (D)2 (R)Long IslandProgram designed to allow students to individualize their education.
Farmingdale State CollegeFarmingdaleDegree ProgramScience, Technology, and Societyunknown10 (D)2 (R)Long IslandProgram focused on the interconnectedness of technology and our modern world.
Fordham UniversityBronxStudent GroupAstronomy Clubunknown78 (D)33 (D)NYC
Fordham UniversityBronxDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown78 (D)33 (D)NYCSmall, intimate department with a commitment to a holistic curriculum.
Fordham UniversityBronxStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown78 (D)33 (D)NYC
Hamilton CollegeClintonStudent GroupHamilton Space Society6117 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyFun oriented group focused on generating interest in space.
Hamilton CollegeClintonCivic InstitutionPeters Observatoryunknown117 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyRecently ugraded facility for use by students.
Hamilton CollegeClintonDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown117 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyFocus is on small class sizes and 1 on 1 support.
Hamilton CollegeClintonStudent GroupSociety for Physics Students12117 (R)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyAims to excite student interest in Physics through projects and outreach.
Hartwick CollegeOneontaCivic InstitutionErnest B. Wright Observatoryunknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyFacility contains a 16” telescope for student use.
Hartwick CollegeOneontaDegree ProgramPhysicsTwitter   unknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyRecently upgraded facilities and a wide range of unique opportunities define this program.
Hartwick CollegeOneontaStudent GroupSociety of Physics Students/Sigma Pi Sigmaunknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyBoth programs are available to enrich the Physics experience of undergraduate students.
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown131 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesProgram offers multiple Study Abroad opportunities.
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaStudent GroupPhysics & Astronomy Club42131 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesPhysics degree, includes astronomy focus
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaDegree ProgramPhysics & Engineering (3+2)unknown131 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesJoint studies offered with both Columbia and Dartmouth universities.
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaStudent GroupRockSat15131 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesYears of participation in Nasa's RockSat program, which provides undergraduates with access to space.
Hofstra UniversityHempsteadDegree ProgramApplied Physicsunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandPrepares students for the demands of industry.
Hofstra UniversityHempsteadCivic InstitutionHofstra University Observatoryunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandOn campus facility offering students cutting edge observing resources.
Hofstra UniversityHempsteadDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandCurriculum includes a broad background in preparation for graduate studies.
Hofstra UniversityHempsteadStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebookunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandProvides networking opportunities to undergraduate Physics students.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaDegree ProgramApplied Physicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierProgram is rooted in flexibility with a liberal arts core.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaStudent GroupAstronomy Club2125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierFocused on making astronomy accessible for a diverse array of students.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaCivic InstitutionClinton B. Ford Observatoryunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierBuilt in 1998, hosts public viewing nights.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaDegree ProgramPhysics-Engineeringunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierStudents receive 2 Bachelors in 5 years, Physics at Ithaca College and an Engineering degree from another institution (most of which are in New York).
Ithaca CollegeIthacaDegree ProgramPhysics-Mathematicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierProgram built on the interconnected nature of physics and mathematics.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebook4125 (D)52 (D)Southern TierFocused on student professional development.
LaGuardia Community CollegeQueensDegree ProgramPhysical Science (2-yr)unknown37 (D)12 (D)NYC2 year program includes a Physics track.
Le Moyne CollegeSyracuseDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYStudents conduct original work alongside a faculty mentor.
Le Moyne CollegeSyracuseStudent GroupPhysics ClubFacebookunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYChapter of the Society of Physics Students, focuses on bringing physics to the wider community.
Lehman CollegeBronxDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown78 (D)31 (D)NYCNumerous hands on research opportunities in diverse areas of both Physics & Astronomy.
Lehman CollegeBronxStudent GroupS-STEM Clubunknown78 (D)31 (D)NYCClub meets regularly to discuss the latest developments in STEM, job opportunities, and community service plans.
Manhattan CollegeBronxStudent Group6th Borough Airman and Guardiansunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCCampus ROTC program for Air Force and Space Force.
Manhattan CollegeBronxStudent GroupAIAAunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCParticipates in an annual Design, Build, Fly competition.
Manhattan CollegeBronxStudent GroupManhattan Scientist Research Journalunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCStudent led academic research journal highlighting the work conducted on campus.
Manhattan CollegeBronxDegree ProgramMechanical Engineeringunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCProgram prepare students for a wide range of fields, including aeronautics.
Manhattan CollegeBronxDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCNumerous student research opportunities, with previous opportunities with CERN and various National Science Foundation programs.
Manhattan CollegeBronxStudent GroupSociety for Physics Studentsunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCProfessional society assisting undergraduates in becoming successful members of the Physics community.
Manhattan CollegeBronxStudent GroupWomen in STEMunknown81 (D)33 (D)NYCFosters a supportive atmosphere for women in science and STEM.
Manhattanville CollegePurchaseDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown93 (D)37 (D)Mid-HudsonStudents have undertaken a wide range of projects in recent years, including 3D printed gliders and designs for crewed missions to Mars.
Medgar Evers CollegeBrooklynStudent GroupMedgar Evers Science Associationunknown57 (D)20 (D)NYCEncourages students to take a broad perspective on the wonders of science.
Medgar Evers CollegeBrooklynDegree ProgramPhysics & Computer Scienceunknown57 (D)20 (D)NYCDedicated effort to increase opportunity in Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering among underrepresented groups.
Monroe Community College1RochesterDegree ProgramOptical Systems Technologyunknown136 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesDegree program that graduates students to local optics firms, including others in the Empire Space Census including Optimax and L3Harris.
Nassau Community CollegeGarden CityCivic InstitutionNassau Community College Planetariumunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long Island
Nassau Community CollegeGarden CityDegree ProgramPhysical Sciencesunknown19 (R)6 (D)Long IslandBroad curriculum includes use of on campus planetarium and observational telescopes.
NY Institute of TechnologyOld WestburyDegree ProgramMechanical Engineering - AerospaceTwitter   unknown19 (R)7 (R)Long IslandFocus on aircraft and space vehicle design.
NY Institute of TechnologyManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsTwitter   unknown67 (D)47 (D)NYCSmall class sizes with diverse range of research options.
NYU LawManhattanStudent GroupSpace Law Societyunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCProvides a forum for discussion about the lawyers role in the new space era, including numerous online resources and access to experts in the field of space law.
NYU TandonBrooklynDegree ProgramApplied Physicsunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCStudents work side by side with engineers to enhance their studies while pursuing a variety of interests.
NYU TandonBrooklynStudent GroupAstronomy Clubunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCWent virtual due to COVID.
NYU TandonBrooklynDegree ProgramMechanical and Aerospace Engineeringunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCMulti-disciplinary research focused on real world applications.
NYU TandonBrooklynDegree ProgramMechanical Engineering (MS & PhD)unknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCCan be pursued as a standalone degree or a stepping stone to a PhD.
NYU TandonBrooklynDegree ProgramMechatronics & Robotics (MS)unknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCBlend of mechanical engineering and robotics that prepares students to contribute to the innovation economy.
NYU TandonBrooklynDegree ProgramPhysics & Mathematicsunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCProgram serves as a bridge between the worlds of Physics & Mathematics.
NYU TandonBrooklynStudent GroupRogue AerospaceFacebook967 (D)28 (D)NYCFast growing aerospace and rocketry Vertically Integrated Project open to the entire NYU Tandon student body.
NYU TandonBrooklynDegree ProgramScience & Technology Studiesunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCProgram explores the human and social dimensions of technology.
NYU TandonBrooklynStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebookunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCAim to expand the knowledge and appreciation of physics by the student body.
NYU TandonBrooklynStudent GroupSpace Exploration Society166 (D)27 (D)NYCInclusive mission, active social media presence.
Queens CollegeQueensDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown25 (D)16 (D)NYCSmall class sizes offering some of the most rigorous courses available at the school.
Queens CollegeQueensStudent GroupPhysics Clubunknown25 (D)16 (D)NYCFocused on stimulating student interest in physics.
Queensborough Comm CollegeQueensStudent Group3D Printing Club - Society of Additive Manufacturingunknown26 (D)16 (D)NYCInnovative and hands on group focused on a revolutionary new technology application.
Queensborough Comm CollegeQueensDegree ProgramPhysics (STEM Academy)unknown26 (D)16 (D)NYC2 year program prepares students for further education in a wide range of STEM fields.
Queensborough Comm CollegeQueensStudent GroupScience Research Allianceunknown26 (D)16 (D)NYCInterest in generating broad interest in science and research.
Queensborough Comm CollegeQueensStudent GroupWomen in Scienceunknown26 (D)16 (D)NYCA space to discuss barriers to women in STEM.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupACM-WFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionSupports women in technology & computing.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramAeronautical EngineeringTwitter   unknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital Region
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramAir & Space Studiesunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionFor those intending to serve a career in the Air Force.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupAmerican Nuclear SocietyFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionFocus on professional development & promoting all things nuclear.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramApplied PhysicsFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionSpecialization options make this program popular for students seeking employment upon graduation.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramAstronomy (MS)Facebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionExtensive work with global telescopes as well as the Hirsch Observatory on campus.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupDesign, Build, Flyunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionHistory of top ranked performances.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyCivic InstitutionHirsch ObservatoryFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital Region
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramMechanical EngineeringTwitter   unknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionRigorous program focused on addressing global problems.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramNuclear EngineeringTwitter   unknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionOne of the nations oldest nuclear research programs, including access to the Gaerttner Linear Accelerator.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramPhysicsFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionPopular program for those intending to pursue graduate work upon graduation.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyDegree ProgramPhysics (MS)Facebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital Region
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupRensselaer Astrophysical Society7108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionConnected to the Hirsch Observatory.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupRensselaer Rocket SocietyFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionStatus uncertain.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupRPI Spaceflight Societyunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionPromotes the exploration & development of space.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionFocused on outreach and events.
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteTroyStudent GroupWomen in NuclearFacebookunknown108 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionFocuses on promoting women in the nuclear industry.
Roberts Weslyan CollegeChiliDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown138 (D)54 (R)Finger LakesA physics education within a religious context.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupAero Design187138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesAffililated with AIAA Design, Build, Fly competition.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesProgram includes immersive co-op experiences.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupArnold Air SocietyFacebook19138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesAerospace focused, founded in 1986.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupAstronomy Club107138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesStatus uncertain.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramAstrophysical Sciences & Technology (MS, PhD)Twitter   unknown138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesMultidisicplinary program with research opportunities through the School of Physics & Astronomy.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupHouse of General ScienceTwitter   16138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesDedicated science-centric student housing.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupLaunch InitiativeTwitter   58138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesWell developed and networked rocketry team.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesDiverse range of research paths creates multiple opportunities for students.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramPhysics (MS)Facebookunknown138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesProgram offers both a research and professional option.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaCivic InstitutionRIT Observatoryunknown138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesUtilized by undergraduate and gradute students.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupSociety of Physics Students139138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesFocused on professional development.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupSpace-Time Adventuresunknown138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesSci-fi fan club (impacted due to COVID).
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupSPEX AstrodynamicsTwitter   55138 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesFocused on tracking & observation.
Rockland Community CollegeSuffernDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown98 (R)38 (R)Mid-Hudson
Siena CollegeLoudonvilleCivic InstitutionBreyo ObservatoryFacebookunknown110 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionNew facility, opened in 2018.
Siena CollegeLoudonvilleDegree ProgramPhysics & AstronomyTwitter   unknown110 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionWide range of available specialties, as well as access to the Breyo Observatory.
Siena CollegeLoudonvilleStudent GroupPhysics & Astronomy ClubTwitter   unknown110 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionDepartment has a social media presence, event list has not been updated recently.
Siena CollegeLoudonvilleStudent GroupSchool of Scienceunknown110 (D)43 (R)Capital RegionCollaboration focused on science, inc;uding funding from the NSF and Nasa.
Skidmore CollegeSaratoga SpringsDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown113 (D)44 (R)Capital Region
Skidmore CollegeSaratoga SpringsStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown113 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionFocuses on supporting and mentoring physics students.
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureStudent GroupORION Astronomy ClubFacebookunknown148 (R)57 (R)Western NYStudent group that utilizes the St. Bonaventure Observatory.
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown148 (R)57 (R)Western NYProgram offers both a traditional and engineering track.
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureStudent GroupSigma Pi Sigmaunknown148 (R)57 (R)Western NYPhysics honor society.
St. Bonaventure UniversitySt. BonaventureCivic InstitutionSt. Bonaventure University Observatoryunknown148 (R)57 (R)Western NYThe Orion Astronomy Club utilizes the Observatory.
St. John Fisher CollegePittsfordDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown133 (R)55 (D)Finger LakesSmaller campus allows for more individualized experience with a diverse array of courses available.
St. Johns UniversityQueensDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown24 (D)16 (D)NYCPrepares students to be scientifically literate lifelong learners, with direct links to the on campus graduate program.
St. Johns UniversityQueensDegree ProgramPhysics MBAunknown24 (D)16 (D)NYCUnique joint program offering can be completed in 5 years.
St. Johns UniversityQueensStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebookunknown24 (D)16 (D)NYC*group status uncertain, limited information provided*
St. Lawrence UniversityCantonDegree ProgramPhysicsFacebookunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryActive program with multiple student enrichment programs, including a Summer Research Opportunity in Astronomical Sciences.
St. Lawrence UniversityCantonStudent GroupSigma Pi Sigmaunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryPhysics honor society, originally founded in 1929, re-activated in 1995.
St. Lawrence UniversityCantonStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryAffiliated strongly with the Sigma Pi Sigma honor society, holds physics events open to the entire campus.
Stern College for WomenManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown73 (D)59 (D)NYCPre-engineering focus is part of partnership with Columbia University.
Stony BrookStony BrookStudent GroupAIAATwitter   554 (R)1 (R)Long IslandAddresses the needs of the current and future aerospace workforce.
Stony BrookStony BrookStudent GroupAstronomy ClubFacebook304 (R)1 (R)Long IslandActive group that conducts community outreach, field trips, and viewing parties.
Stony BrookStony BrookDegree ProgramAstronomy/Planetary Sciencesunknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandPrepares students for graduate level Astronomy work.
Stony BrookStony BrookDegree ProgramEarth& Space SciencesTwitter   unknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandBroad field of study that includes Astronomy.
Stony BrookStony BrookDegree ProgramGeosciences - Planetary Science (MS, PHD)unknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandTradition of integrating field, experimental, and analytical techniques into a study of Earth and other planetary bodies. Ranked as a Top 15 research prorgam by the National Research Council.
Stony BrookStony BrookDegree ProgramGeospatial Scienceunknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandMinor program offering students greater experience in geospatial analysis.
Stony BrookStony BrookStudent GroupGraduate Women in Science & EngineeringTwitter   1544 (R)1 (R)Long IslandWorks to enhance the holistic development of graduate women in STEM.
Stony BrookStony BrookCivic InstitutionMount Stony Brook Observatoryunknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandOn campus observatory utilized by various departments.
Stony BrookStony BrookDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandPrepares students for either graduate school or a wide range of industry professions.
Stony BrookStony BrookDegree ProgramPhysics (MA, MiS, PhD) unknown4 (R)1 (R)Long IslandDiverse range of graduate level offerings including teaching and research.
Stony BrookStony BrookStudent GroupPhysics Graduate Student AssociationFacebook474 (R)1 (R)Long IslandFacilitates a healthy graduate department environment while conducting outreach to interested community members.
Suffolk Community CollegeSeldenStudent GroupAstronomy ClubFacebook65 (R)3 (R)Long IslandFounded in 2013 to engage students in fun and science.
Suffolk Community CollegeSeldenDegree ProgramEarth & Space Science - Astronomyunknown5 (R)3 (R)Long IslandPrepares students for further studies in research or teaching.
Suffolk Community CollegeSeldenDegree ProgramEarth & Space Science - Physicsunknown5 (R)3 (R)Long IslandPrepares students for further studies in research or teaching.
Suffolk Community CollegeSeldenStudent GroupPhysics Clubunknown5 (R)3 (R)Long IslandFacilitates a student interest in physics and physical processes.
SUNY AlbanyAlbanyDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown109 (D)46 (D)Capital Region
SUNY AlbanyAlbanyStudent GroupScientistaFacebook32109 (D)46 (D)Capital RegionWorks to support women in STEM, especially in training stages.
SUNY AlbanyAlbanyStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebookunknown109 (D)46 (D)Capital RegionFocused on community physics outreach via student created experiments.
SUNY BrockportBrockportCivic InstitutionLennon Hall Planetarium & Observatoryunknown139 (R)62 (R)Finger LakesPlanetarium and Observatory utilized primarily for student research.
SUNY BrockportBrockportDegree ProgramPhysicsTwitter   unknown139 (R)62 (R)Finger LakesAccess to numerous on campus labs and a state-of-the-art planetarium.
SUNY BrockportBrockportStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   unknown139 (R)62 (R)Finger LakesBroad array of programming and interest areas.
SUNY BrockportBrockportDegree ProgramPhysics Educationunknown139 (R)62 (R)Finger LakesSpecifically designed program for those interesting in passing the joy of Physics on to the next generation of learners.
SUNY CortlandCortlandDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Central NYOffers both Environmental Science and Geophysics tracks.
SUNY CortlandCortlandDegree ProgramPhysics & Engineering (3+2)unknown125 (D)52 (D)Central NYProgram includes access to the on campus planetarium.
SUNY CortlandCortlandStudent GroupPhysics & Engineering ClubFacebookunknown125 (D)52 (D)Central NYExtensive programming with a strong focus on community outreach and engagement.
SUNY CortlandCortlandCivic InstitutionSUNY Cortland Planetariumunknown125 (D)52 (D)Central NYOpened in 2014, the facility is open to both students and the public.
SUNY FredoniaFredoniaStudent GroupAstronomy Clubunknown150 (R)57 (R)Western NYAims to generate student interest in Astronomy.
SUNY FredoniaFredoniaStudent GroupEngineering & Physics Societyunknown150 (R)57 (R)Western NYFocused on outreach and facilitating growth of undergraduate Physics students.
SUNY FredoniaFredoniaCivic InstitutionFredonia Technology Incubatorunknown150 (R)57 (R)Western NYFacilitates business innovation and economic growth through technology.
SUNY FredoniaFredoniaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown150 (R)57 (R)Western NY
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoStudent GroupAstronomy Clubunknown133 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesUtilize regional planetariums and observatories for interested students.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoDegree ProgramPhysics & AstronomyTwitter   unknown133 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesHighly regarded program prepares students for research, teaching, or professional career paths.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   7133 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesActive programming schedule for the community.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoCivic InstitutionSUNY Geneseo Planetariumunknown133 (R)54 (R)Finger LakesFacility was relocated and updated in 2011, providing access to undergraduate Astronomy students.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzDegree ProgramAstronomyunknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-HudsonFacilities include the Smolen Observatory and the John R. Kirk Planetarium.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzStudent GroupCosmic ClubFacebookunknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-HudsonStudent club affiliated with the John R. Kirk Planetarium.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzCivic InstitutionJohn R. Kirk Planetariumunknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-HudsonPublic and private viewings available.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-Hudson
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzDegree ProgramPhysics/MBA (5-yr)unknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-HudsonFor students interested in pursuing post-graduate careers in finance or management.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzCivic InstitutionSmolen ObservatoryFacebookunknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-HudsonTwice monthly astronomy nights open to the public
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown103 (D)41 (D)Mid-HudsonFocused on engaging the student body in physics while mentoring undergraduates for post-graduate studies.
SUNY OneontaOneontaDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomyunknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyProgram offers a dual track option for either employment or graduate studies.
SUNY OneontaOneontaStudent GroupPhysics & Astronomy Club3121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyActive group focused on fostering interest and knowledge about astronomy.
SUNY OneontaOneontaStudent GroupSigma Pi Sigmaunknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyPhysics honor society.
SUNY OneontaOneontaCivic InstitutionSUNY Oneonta College ObservatoryFacebookunknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyHome to the largest optical telescope in the state of New York.
SUNY OneontaOneontaCivic InstitutionSUNY Oneonta PlanetariumTwitter   unknown121 (R)51 (R)Mohawk ValleyUpgraded in 2019, available for student, community, and private programming.
SUNY OswegoOswegoDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown66 (D)50 (D)Central NYStudents develop skills in both theoretical and experimental physics.
SUNY OswegoOswegoStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   unknown66 (D)50 (D)Central NYFocus on tutoring and project development.
SUNY OswegoOswegoCivic InstitutionSUNY Oswego Shineman CenterFacebookunknown66 (D)50 (D)Central NYState of the art planetarium used for both student instruction and shows for the general public.
SUNY PlattsburghPlattsburghStudent GroupGalilean Societyunknown115 (D)45 (R)North CountryPromote astronomy and space science education.
SUNY PlattsburghPlattsburghCivic InstitutionNorthcountry PlanetariumFacebookunknown115 (D)45 (R)North CountryStrong focus on engagement with secondary schools and the broader community.
SUNY PlattsburghPlattsburghDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown115 (D)45 (R)North Country
SUNY PlattsburghPlattsburghStudent GroupPhysics Clubunknown115 (D)45 (R)North CountryAffiliated with the Physics Department.
SUNY PlattsburghPlattsburghDegree ProgramRoboticsunknown115 (D)45 (R)North CountryOne of only 19 robotics programs nationwide and the only program in the SUNY system.
SUNY PotsdamPotsdamDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryInnovative department with a community footprint.
SUNY PotsdamPotsdamCivic InstitutionStowell Planetariumunknown116 (D)45 (R)North CountryLocated directly on the SUNY Potsdam campus.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYProgram offers numerous Study Abroad opportunities.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupAIAAFacebook5128 (D)48 (D)Central NYSociety for undergraduate aerospace students.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupDrone Club2128 (D)48 (D)Central NYWorks to boost undergraduate interst in Unmanned Aerial Systems, affiliated with Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringTwitter   unknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYProgram includes access to the Fidelity MODUS 622i flight simulator, one of the most advanced in the world.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramMechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MS & PhD)Twitter   unknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYFour specialization tracks available, preparing students for either PhD programs or the workforce.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupORBiTunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYThe Orange Rocket Ballistics Team applies the lessons learned in lecture to construct hybrid rockets.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYCombines state of the art research facilities with small group instruction.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramPhysics (MS & PhD)unknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYDiverse international department with an active alumni network.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupPhysics Graduate Organizationunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYRefounded in 2021 to increase cohension amongst graduate Physics students.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupSEDSunknown128 (D)48 (D)Central NYLocal SEDS chapter.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsTwitter   5128 (D)48 (D)Central NYFocused on student enrichment and career prep.
The New SchoolManhattanDegree ProgramInterdisciplinary Scienceunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCHolistic and democratic program focused on the Earth as a planetary system.
The New SchoolManhattanStudent GroupNew School Policy & Design for Outer Spaceunknown66 (D)27 (D)NYCSEDS chapter offering unique (and sometimes radical) insights into the human & social dynamics of space exploration.
Union CollegeSchenectadyDegree ProgramAstronomyFacebookunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionIntimate class sizes with access to research labs and an on campus Observatory.
Union CollegeSchenectadyDegree ProgramMechanical Engineeringunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionFocus on small class sizes and design & build projects.
Union CollegeSchenectadyDegree ProgramPhysicsFacebookunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital Region
Union CollegeSchenectadyStudent GroupRobotics Clubunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionEngaging students who want to build, work, and play with robots.
Union CollegeSchenectadyStudent GroupRocket Clubunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionProvides a platform for students interested in exploring their passion for rocketry.
Union CollegeSchenectadyStudent GroupSAE AEROunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionActive design team in SAE aeronautics competitions.
Union CollegeSchenectadyStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionProvides access to subscriptions, professional services, and scholarships to undergraduate Physics students.
Union CollegeSchenectadyCivic InstitutionUnion College Observatoryunknown111 (D)44 (R)Capital RegionUtilized extensively for student research while also conducting community open houses.
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramAerospace Engineering (MS)unknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYProgram designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the aerospace industry.
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupAIAAFacebookunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NY2 projects focused on microgravity & design-build-fly competitions
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramArtificial Intelligence (MS)unknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYPrepares students for a future driven by advances in AI.
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramComputational Physics (BS/MS)unknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYUnique program blending work from the Physics & Computer Science Departments.
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramMathematical Physicsunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYDesigned for students who want to pursue graduate level work in physics or mathematics.
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupMcNair Scholars Programunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYSupports low-income & minority students in pursuing graduate and doctoral studies.
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupMechnical & Aerospace Engineering GSAunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYGraduate level organization (provides a lounge for students).
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupPhi Sigma Rho National Engineering Sororityunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYNational sorority for women in STEM.
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYIdeal for students considering graduate level work in Physics.
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramPhysics (MS)unknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYCombines classroom learning with hands on research.
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupPhysics Graduate Student Associationunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYAdvocates for graduate Physics students.
University of BuffaloBuffaloDegree ProgramRobotics (MS)unknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYDiverse program designed to expand student knowledge and capabilities with automation.
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupSEDSTwitter   unknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYMultiple project groups, including Rocketry.
University of BuffaloBuffaloStudent GroupWomen in Science & Engineeringunknown141 (D)63 (D)Western NYSupports women in Physics.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupAstronomy ClubFacebook343137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesUtilizes the Mees Observatory.
University of RochesterRochesterCivic InstitutionC.E. Kenneth Mees ObservatoryFacebookunknown137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesDevoted to both teaching and public observing.
University of RochesterRochesterResearch ProgramNASA Research Grant1137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesDr. Kerry O'Banion is an accomplished Neuroscientist whose work on the impacts of radiation on the brain has been supported by NASA for it's applicability to damage suffered by astronauts on deep space voyages.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupPASSAGE4137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesInclusive graduate level Physics & Astronomy networking.
University of RochesterRochesterDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesIntensive program geared towards graduate preparation.
University of RochesterRochesterDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomy (BS)unknown137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesIntensive program geared towards preparing students for graduate studies in Physics or Astronomy.
University of RochesterRochesterDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomy (PhD)unknown137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesImmersive, flexible program that includes teaching and research components.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupSociety of Physics Students201137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesFocus on campus networking and group projects.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupSociety of Women in Astronomy & Physics53137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesFocus on increasing role of underrepresented minorities, especially women, in Physics.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupSPIE19137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesGraduate optics organization.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupWomen of Physics & Astronomy4137 (D)56 (D)Finger LakesGraduate level organization focused on women in Physics & Astronomy.
Utica UniversityUticaDegree ProgramGeoscienceunknown119 (D)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyProgram contains a broad range of disciplines, including Astronomy.
Utica UniversityUticaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown119 (D)53 (R)Mohawk ValleyProgram has invested over $250,000 in recent years in new equipment. Department also offers a 3+2 engineering program.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieDegree ProgramAstronomyunknown106 (D)39 (R)Mid-HudsonHands on approach to astronomy developed by Maria Mitchell, America's 1st female astronomer and the 1st director of the Vassar Astronomy Department.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieStudent GroupGender Inclusivity in STEMFacebookunknown106 (D)39 (R)Mid-HudsonDedicated to the promotion of marginalized gender identities in STEM.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown106 (D)39 (R)Mid-HudsonProgram prepares students for graduate studies while also offering courses to students in majors outside of the sciences.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieCivic InstitutionVassar College ObservatoryFacebookunknown106 (D)39 (R)Mid-HudsonTwo large research caliber telescopes.
Vaughn College of Aeronautics & TechnologyQueensDegree ProgramAeronautical Sciencesunknown35 (D)13 (D)NYCBlends flight training with academic programming.
Vaughn College of Aeronautics & TechnologyQueensDegree ProgramMechanical Engineering - Aerospaceunknown35 (D)13 (D)NYC
Vaughn College of Aeronautics & TechnologyQueensStudent GroupNumerous student groupsunknown35 (D)13 (D)NYCCollege recently ranked #1 in upward mobility nationwide.
Wagner CollegeStaten IslandDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown66 (D)24 (R)NYCHands on experiences include astronomy, nuclear physics, and solar energy.
Wagner CollegeStaten IslandCivic InstitutionWagner College Planetariumunknown66 (D)24 (R)NYCWide range of community events available.
Wells CollegeAuroraDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown126 (R)48 (D)Central NYFlexible and interdisciplinary program that includes study abroad opportunities as well as numerous partnerships with other institutions.
Wells CollegeAuroraStudent GroupPhysics Clubunknown126 (R)48 (D)Central NYHolds events such as film nights for members of the Physics community.
West PointWest PointStudent GroupCenter for Innovation & Engineeringunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-HudsonWorks to find ways to apply engineering to solve national and global challenges.
West PointWest PointStudent GroupCenter for Leadership & Diversity in STEMunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-HudsonIncrease recruitment and retention of under-represented minorities in STEM.
West PointWest PointDegree ProgramNuclear Engineeringunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-Hudson
West PointWest PointStudent GroupPhotonics Research Centerunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-HudsonCutting edge research into producing & harnessing light.
West PointWest PointDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-HudsonPrepares cadets to understand complex systems and pursue future graduate-level studies.
West PointWest PointStudent GroupRobotics Research Centerunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-HudsonAcademy wide research into robotics systems.
West PointWest PointDegree ProgramSpace Scienceunknown99 (R)42 (D)Mid-HudsonOffers cadets a program focused on understanding the space environment and the technologies utilized there.
Yeshiva UniversityManhattanDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown78 (D)31 (D)NYCProgram includes a weekly colloquium series with visitors from around the world.
York CollegeQueensDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown32 (D)14 (D)NYCProgram includes opportunities supported by NASA.