Mid-Hudson Region

The Mid-Hudson region is dominated by its namesake river, which forms the backbone for numerous small cities that anchor the region's dynamic space ecosystem. The Mid-Hudson region is perhaps most notable for its significant academic space network, especially for younger New Yorkers.

The region is home to numerous high quality public planetariums, including the Andrus Planetarium in Yonkers and the John R. Kirk Planetarium at SUNY New Paltz. College level space programming can be found at Vassar College, SUNY New Paltz, and at the community college level.

The most impressive aspect of the Mid-Hudson region is the extensive network of K-12 planetariums spread throughout the region. 13 districts have planetariums on campus available to students, enriching thousands of lives year-after-year and entrenching space education at the family and neighborhood level throughout the region. This concentration of student planetariums is far above the state average, and truly sets the Mid-Hudson region apart.

The region is home to a modest concentration of aerospace and aviation companies, with some notable space education organizations located in the region as well.

The Mid-Hudson is home to a strong civic and academic space ecosystem, creating educational and community opportunities up and down the Hudson River.

Including 84 organizations and resources throughout the Mid-Hudson Region!

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Business Capital -- 14 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementAssetsUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Gotham VenturesWhite PlainsVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthLow93 (D)35 (D)
New York Area Angel AllianceWhite PlainsAngel GroupGeneralGrowthLow91 (D)37 (D)
Westchester AngelsWhite PlainsAngel GroupTechnologyEarly GrowthModerateInvestor in "United Aircraft Technologies"91 (D)37 (D)
Gefinor CapitalPurchasePrivate EquityGeneralGrowthLow93 (D)37 (D)
Arena InvestorsPurchaseInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthModerateInvests in aerospace, aircraft, and parts$4 billion93 (D)37 (D)
WPMCWest PointVenture CapitalSoftwareEarly GrowthModerateInvestor in aviation startupWest Point99 (R)39 (R)
Purple Sage VenturesHawthorneAngel GroupTechnologyEarly GrowthLow92 (D)40 (D)
Rhinebeck BankRhinebeckInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthLow$1.26 billion103 (D)41 (D)
Hudson Valley Startup FundNew PaltzVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthModerateInvestor in "United Aircraft Technologies"103 (D)41 (D)
Central HudsonPoughkeepsieVenture CapitalGeneralGrowthLow104 (D)41 (D)
Dutchess County Angel NetworkPoughkeepsieAngel GroupGeneralGrowthLow106 (D)41 (D)
Orange Bank and TrustMiddletonInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthLow$1.2 billion100 (D)42 (D)
Bank of Greene CountyCatskillInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthLow$2 billion102 (R)46 (D)
Sawyer Savings BankSaugertiesInvestment BankGeneralLate GrowthLow102 (R)46 (D)

Business Services -- 8 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Hudson Valley Center for InnovationNew RochelleStartup CommunityGeneralEarly GrowthLow91 (D)35 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
Element 46White PlainsStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly GrowthLow93 (D)35 (D)
AccelerateHVNew PaltzStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthLow104 (D)41 (D)
Think DutchessPoughkeepsieFinancial ServicesGeneralGrowthLow106 (D)41 (D)
Vassar in TechPoughkeepsieStartup IncubatorGeneralGrowthLowVassar106 (D)41 (D)
Upstate Capital Association of NYNew PaltzFinancial ServicesTechnologyGrowthLow103 (D)42 (D)Two separate services for Venture + Growth and Private Equity + M&A
Hudson Valley Venture HubNew PaltzStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationLowSUNY New Paltz103 (D)42 (D)Also hosts Venture Fest
New York Business Plan CompetitionNew PaltzStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationLow103 (D)42 (D)Hosted by Upstate Capital Association of NY

Civic Sector -- 10 resources

Rockland Astronomy ClubSuffernActive17097 (R)38 (R)Hosts the NEAF Expo, one of the largest space & astronomy events in the nation.
Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Rocketry ClubRamapoActiveunknown97 (R)38 (R)Town of Ramapo Challenger CenterPart of the extensive STEM and space related programs available from the Ramapo Challenger Center.
Lamont-Doherty Earth ObservatoryPalisadesActiveunknown97 (R)38 (R)NASA Johnson Space CenterHome of the NASA Astromat program that analyzes data from numerous extraplanetary sample missions past, present, and future.
Westchester Amateur AstronomersValhallaActive20093 (D)40 (D)Pace UniversityMonthly star parties, a newsletter, and group presentations.
Mid-Hudson Astronomical AssociationNew PaltzActive1819103 (D)41 (D)SUNY New PaltzMonthly star parties & presentations.
Woodstock Rocket ClubWoodstockActiveunknown103 (D)41 (D)Launch elementary and middle school age appropriate rockets from the Comeau Property in Woodstock.
Orange County Astronomical AssociationChesterTBDunknown98 (R)42 (D)
Metra Rocket ClubNew HamptonActive10099 (R)42 (D)100+ member rocketry club in the Mid-Hudson region that draws members from throughout the metro NYC region.
Catskill Astronomy ClubMonticelloTBDunknown100 (D)51 (R)Night Sky NetworkExisted from 2000 until 2011, recently attempted to reform and currently holding events.
Onteora Rocket ClubBoicevilleActiveunknown103 (D)51 (R)Onteora Central School DistrictSchool rocketry program open to students in grades 6-12.

Colleges & Universities -- 20 resources

InstitutionLocationCodeResourcesSocial MediaMembersADSDComments
Manhattanville CollegePurchaseDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown93 (D)37 (D)Students have undertaken a wide range of projects in recent years, including 3D printed gliders and designs for crewed missions to Mars.
Rockland Community CollegeSuffernDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown98 (R)38 (R)
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieDegree ProgramAstronomyunknown106 (D)39 (R)Hands on approach to astronomy developed by Maria Mitchell, America's 1st female astronomer and the 1st director of the Vassar Astronomy Department.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown106 (D)39 (R)Program prepares students for graduate studies while also offering courses to students in majors outside of the sciences.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieStudent GroupGender Inclusivity in STEMFacebookunknown106 (D)39 (R)Dedicated to the promotion of marginalized gender identities in STEM.
Vassar CollegePoughkeepsieCivic InstitutionVassar College ObservatoryFacebookunknown106 (D)39 (R)Two large research caliber telescopes.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown103 (D)41 (D)
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzDegree ProgramAstronomyunknown103 (D)41 (D)Facilities include the Smolen Observatory and the John R. Kirk Planetarium.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzDegree ProgramPhysics/MBA (5-yr)unknown103 (D)41 (D)For students interested in pursuing post-graduate careers in finance or management.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzStudent GroupCosmic ClubFacebookunknown103 (D)41 (D)Student club affiliated with the John R. Kirk Planetarium.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzStudent GroupSociety of Physics Studentsunknown103 (D)41 (D)Focused on engaging the student body in physics while mentoring undergraduates for post-graduate studies.
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzCivic InstitutionSmolen ObservatoryFacebookunknown103 (D)41 (D)Twice monthly astronomy nights open to the public
SUNY New PaltzNew PaltzCivic InstitutionJohn R. Kirk Planetariumunknown103 (D)41 (D)Public and private viewings available.
West PointWest PointDegree ProgramSpace Scienceunknown99 (R)42 (D)Offers cadets a program focused on understanding the space environment and the technologies utilized there.
West PointWest PointDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown99 (R)42 (D)Prepares cadets to understand complex systems and pursue future graduate-level studies.
West PointWest PointDegree ProgramNuclear Engineeringunknown99 (R)42 (D)
West PointWest PointStudent GroupRobotics Research Centerunknown99 (R)42 (D)Academy wide research into robotics systems.
West PointWest PointStudent GroupPhotonics Research Centerunknown99 (R)42 (D)Cutting edge research into producing & harnessing light.
West PointWest PointStudent GroupCenter for Leadership & Diversity in STEMunknown99 (R)42 (D)Increase recruitment and retention of under-represented minorities in STEM.
West PointWest PointStudent GroupCenter for Innovation & Engineeringunknown99 (R)42 (D)Works to find ways to apply engineering to solve national and global challenges.

K-12 Schools -- 13 resources

New Rochelle High SchoolNew RochelleNew Rochelle High School PlanetariumFully developed programming and curriculum for district students of all ages.88 (D)37 (D)
Port Chester Central School DistrictPort ChesterPort Chester Schools PlanetariumAstro Space Coding Club91 (D)37 (D)
Mamaronek High SchoolMamaronekThe American Rocket Challenge Participant2020 entrant in the Great American Rocketry Challenge.91 (D)37 (D)
Harrison High SchoolHarrisonHarrison High School Space TheaterAstronomy Club puts on public shows, and the planetarium was renovated in 2010.93 (D)37 (D)
Suffern High SchoolSuffernSuffern High School PlanetariumPlanetarium recently repaired and reopened with dynamic new programming.97 (R)37 (D)
Clarkstown South High SchoolWest NyackClarkstown South High School PlanetariumRestored and renovated in 2004.96 (D)38 (R)
North Rockland High SchoolThiellsNorth Rockland High School PlanetariumProgram currently unavailable due to budget cuts.96 (D)38 (R)
Mahopac Middle SchoolMahopacMahopac Middle School PlanetariumIt's repair and maintenance was a topic in local school board races.94 (D)40 (D)
Peekskill High SchoolPeekskillPeekskill High School PlanetariumPlanetarium is part of a strong STEM-centric curriculum.95 (D)40 (D)
Ulster BOCESNew PaltzNasa HUNCH Program103 (D)41 (D)
Marlboro High SchoolMarlboroMarlboro High School Planetarium & ObservatoryPlanetarium & observatory available for both student & community use.104 (D)41 (D)
Millbrook High SchoolMillbrookThe American Rocket Challenge ParticipantSuccessful team that has participated in multiple years of rocketry challenges.106 (D)41 (D)
Onteora Central School DistrictBoicevilleDistrict is home to the Onteora Rocket Club.103 (D)51 (R)

Minority Institutions (MUREP) -- 8 resources

NYers In Space -- 2 resources

AstronautBirthplaceMissionsTime In SpaceNotes
Jeffrey HoffmanScarsdaleSTS 51-D, 35, 46, 61, 7550 days, 11 hours, and 54 minutes1st Jewish NASA astronaut.
Ronald Garan Jr.YonkersSTS 124177 days, 23 hours, and 54 minutesServed as a combat pilot in Operations Desert Storm & Desert Shield before becoming an astronaut.
Total time in space: 228 days, 11 hours, and 48 minutes

Planetariums & Observatories -- 17 resources

Andrus PlanetariumYonkersN/Aunknown89 (D)35 (D)Hudson River MuseumVarious shows geared towards different age groups.
New Rochelle High School PlanetariumNew RochelleN/A188 (D)37 (D)New Rochelle City School DistrictFully developed programming and curriculum for district students of all ages.
Port Chester Schools PlanetariumPort ChesterN/Aunknown91 (D)37 (D)Port Chester Central School DistrictDistrict has an Astro Space Coding Club.
Harrison High School Space TheaterHarrisonN/Aunknown93 (D)37 (D)Harrison Central School DistrictAstronomy Club puts on public shows, and the planetarium was renovated in 2010.
Clarkstown South High School PlanetariumWest NyackN/Aunknown96 (D)38 (R)Clarkstown Central School DistrictRestored and renovated in 2004.
North Rockland High School PlanetariumThiellsN/Aunknown96 (D)38 (R)North Rockland High SchoolProgram currently unavailable due to budget cuts.
Suffern High School PlanetariumSuffernN/Aunknown97 (R)38 (R)Ramapo Central School DistrictPlanetarium recently repaired and reopened with dynamic new programming.
Ramapo Challenger Learning CenterRamapoN/Aunknown97 (R)38 (R)Town of RamapoNumerous space and STEM related programs available.
Newburgh Free Academy PlanetariumNewburghN/Aunknown104 (D)39 (R)Newburgh Free AcademyAdvanced Astronomy curriculum available to students as well as a high quality planetarium.
Mid-Hudson Childrens MuseumPoughkeepsieN/A7104 (D)39 (R)(Outdoor space programming)Space-themed programming as part of their Outdoor Events series.
Gustafson PlanetariumFishkillN/Aunknown105 (R)39 (R)The Fresh Air FundMultiple educational programs geared to multiple age groups.
Vassar College ObservatoryPoughkeepsie32.00"2106 (D)39 (R)Vassar CollegeTwo large research caliber telescopes.
Mahopac Middle School PlanetariumMahopacN/Aunknown94 (D)40 (D)Mahopac School DistrictIt's repair and maintenance was a topic in local school board races.
Peekskill High School PlanetariumPeekskillN/Aunknown95 (D)40 (D)Peekskill City School DistrictPlanetarium is part of a strong STEM-centric curriculum.
SUNY New Paltz Smolen ObservatoryNew PaltzN/Aunknown103 (D)41 (D)SUNY New PaltzTwice monthly astronomy nights open to the public
John R. Kirk PlanetariumNew PaltzN/Aunknown103 (D)41 (D)SUNY New PaltzPublic and private viewings available.
Marlboro High School Planetarium & ObservatoryMarlboro16.00"unknown104 (D)41 (D)Marlboro Central School DistrictPlanetarium & observatory available for both student & community use.

Space Companies -- 21 resources

Pico Electronics Inc Core Space Electronics $35.3 million
211 Pelham Longtime manufacturer of electric transformers and converters. Customers include NASA's Orion program. 88 (D) 34 (D)
UE Systems Core Space Aerospace Support & Development $69.2 million
65 Twitter    Elmsford Utilizes ultrasound technology to provide preventative maintenace to a wide range of industries. Customers include NASA's Exploration Ground Systems program. 92 (D) 35 (D)
All Tech Electronics Core Space Electronics Manufacturing $50 million
32 Twitter    Hawthorne Minority owned electronics distributor that serves military, space, and aerospace clients including NASA's SLS program. 92 (D) 35 (D)
Cosgrove Aircraft Service Aerospace Aerospace Development & Support $21.8 million
15 White Plains Stocking distribution facility located at the Westchester County Airport. 93 (D) 37 (D)
Loar Group Space & Defense Aerospace Manufacturing $298 million
930 White Plains Provides a wide range of expertise in speciality component manufacturing for aerospace and defense markets. 93 (D) 37 (D)
Night Vision Astronomy Core Space Observational Astronomy $136 thousand
2 Pound Ridge 93 (D) 37 (D)
Arrow Electronics Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing Twitter    Purchase Manufactures an incredibly broad range of electronics parts and components (Components facility). Customers include NASA's Orion program. 93 (D) 37 (D)
Aremco Products Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $5 million
25 Valley Cottage Advanced materials manufacturer with a specialty in high-temperature ceramics, adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Customers include NASA's Exploration Ground Systems program. 96 (D) 38 (R)
Boeing Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $370 thousand
(Site Specific)
12 Newburgh Facility is located at the Stewart Air National Guard Base. 104 (D) 39 (R)
Pawling Engineered Products Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $26.4 million
56 Pawling Manufacturers seals and clamps for the aerospace and defense industry. Clients include NASA's Orion program. 105 (R) 39 (R)
Skygeekcom Core Space Aerospace Support & Development $8.6 million
25 Lagrangeville Provides avionics and instrumentation parts supply for the aerospace industry, including NASA's Orion program. 105 (R) 39 (R)
Yonir Technologies Space & Defense Aerospace Manufacturing $5.47 million
5 Mt. Kisco Leading regional military parts supplier since 1984 with both foreign and domestic customers. 93 (D) 40 (D)
Staley Co. Space & Defense Aerospace Manufacturing $8.93 million
18 Carmel Hamlet Leading regional specialists in aircraft ground test equipment as well as a range of other aerospace manufacturing services for civilian and defense clients. 94 (D) 40 (D)
Nationwide Coils Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $1000 thousand
16 Twitter    Mt. Kisco Specializes in manufacturing coils and HVAC systems for a wide range of customers. Clients include NASA's Exploration Ground Systems program. 94 (D) 40 (D)
Star in a Star Core Space Space Education $50 thousand
1 Croton-on-Hudson A plethora of educational resources for a wide range of space & astronomy topics developed right here in New York. 95 (D) 40 (D)
Ducommun Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $51.56 million
270 Coxsackie NY facility of Ducommun, a national aerostructures manufacturer. 102 (R) 41 (D)
Howmet Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing 20 Twitter    Kingston This facility is part of the aerospace fastener line of production 103 (D) 41 (D)
Tower Products Inc Core Space Space Media $5 million
50 Saugerties Develops broadcast video equipment and has done work for NASA's Orion program. 103 (D) 41 (D)
Astronomy Delight! Core Space Space Education $50 thousand
1 Hyde Park Innovative educational organization focused on bringing the joys of astronomy to youth of all ages. 106 (D) 41 (D)
Mechanical Rubber Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $8.3 million
35 Warwick Decades of experience in specialized rubbers in plastics, some of which have applications to the aerospace industry. 98 (R) 42 (D)
Zircar Ceramics Aerospace Ceramics $7.1 million
24 Florida Develops high-quality ceramics for insulation and heating purposes, and has provided furance insulation materials for NASA. 98 (R) 42 (D)