Finger Lakes Region

The Finger Lakes region is known for its namesake sequence of long thin freshwater lakes that stretch across the rolling hills south of Lake Ontario. The city of Rochester anchors the regions' dynamic space ecosystem while outlying regions host a variety of space-focused resources.

The space and aerospace ecosystem in the Finger Lakes supports over 5,000 jobs, with a diverse range of companies calling the region home. Legacy aerospace manufacturers, precision optics specialists, communications giant L3Harris, and even a space tourism outfit give the Finger Lakes a dynamic and diverse space economy.

Eight colleges and universities dot the region, offering extensive physics and astronomy related courses as well as an incredibly diverse array of student groups. These academic institutions are partners or outright owners of several observatories in the region, demonstrating the power and impact a dynamic academic sector can have on a regions' space ecosystem.

The Finger Lakes is also home to two high quality amateur rocket ranges in Geneseo and Penn Yan, offering extensive opportunities for residents of all ages. Combined with the opportunities at the recently renovated Strasenburgh Planetarium in downtown Rochester, the Finger Lakes possesses a diverse and robust civic space sector.

The Finger Lakes has a strong foundation for its space ecosystem, with robust activity in multiple sectors and demonstrated positive feedback loops across subsectors. It's clear the future is bright for space in the Finger Lakes.

Including 64 organizations and resources throughout the Finger Lakes Region!

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Business Capital -- 6 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementAssetsUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Upstate Venture Association of New YorkPittsfordVenture CapitalTechnologyGrowthLow135 (D)55 (D)
Excell Partners Innovation TC FundRochesterVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthLowUniversity of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)New York Ventures affiliated, invests up to $1.5M per round
DeltaPoint Capital ManagementRochesterVenture CapitalGeneralGrowthModerateInvestor in "Horizon Aerospace"137 (D)56 (D)
Simon School Venture FundRochesterVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthModerateInvestor in "Satelles"University of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)
RIT Venture FundRochesterVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthLowRIT138 (D)59 (D)
Rochester Angel NetworkRochesterAngel GroupTechnologyEarly GrowthLow138 (D)59 (D)

Business Services -- 9 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
HWS IdeaLabGenevaStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthLowHobart & William Smith College131 (R)54 (R)
HWS Summer Sandbox Idea AcceleratorGenevaStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthLowHobart & William Smith College131 (R)54 (R)
New York Space Alliance (NYSA from RITRE Corporation)RochesterStartup CommunitySpaceGrowthHighFocused on NewSpace global startups in New York and internationallyCornell University and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)136 (D)55 (D)Offering includes Events, Astrocafe, Startup Bootcamp, Virtual Space Accelerator, and Hacking for Space (H4S)
NextCorpsRochesterStartup CommunityTechnologyEarly GrowthLowUniversity of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)New York State certified Business Incubator
URVenturesRochesterStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationLowUniversity of Rochester137 (D)56 (D)
VentureWorksGeneseoStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationLowSUNY Geneseo133 (R)59 (D)
Saunders Summer Startup AcceleratorRochesterStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthLowRIT138 (D)59 (D)
Simone Center Student IncubatorRochesterStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationLowRIT138 (D)59 (D)
RIT Venture Creations IncubatorRochesterStartup IncubatorTechnologyEarly GrowthModerateMembers include "Hyperspectral Solutions"RIT138 (D)59 (D)

Civic Sector -- 6 resources

MARS (Monroe Astronautical Rocket Society)GeneseoActiveunknown133 (R)54 (R)National Warplane MuseumRegular, accessible public launches with a focus on youth participation.
Tech RochesterRochesterActiveunknown133 (R)55 (D)Non-profit focused on supporting technology workers in the Rochester region of the Finger Lakes.
New York Space AllianceRochesterActive3138 (D)55 (D)Focused on expanding opportunities for space entrepreneurs and growing New York's commercial space sector.
ASRAS (Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Sciences)HenriettaActive250138 (D)56 (D)Rochester Academy of SciencesLongstanding Rochester astronomy organization that holds monthly meetings as well as overseeing the Farash Center for Observational Astronomy.
FIRST Upstate NYHenriettaActiveunknown138 (D)56 (D)A suite of hands-on STEM programs engaging students of all ages across the Finger Lakes region.
Upstate Research Rocketry GroupPenn YanActiveunknown132 (R)58 (R)Team America Rocketry ContestExtensive youth and collegiate rocketry programs, including partnerships with NASA & the Boy Scouts.

Colleges & Universities -- 38 resources

InstitutionLocationCodeResourcesSocial MediaMembersADSDComments
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown131 (R)54 (R)Program offers multiple Study Abroad opportunities.
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaDegree ProgramPhysics & Engineering (3+2)unknown131 (R)54 (R)Joint studies offered with both Columbia and Dartmouth universities.
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaStudent GroupPhysics & Astronomy Club42131 (R)54 (R)Physics degree, includes astronomy focus
Hobart & William Smith CollegeGenevaStudent GroupRockSat15131 (R)54 (R)Years of participation in Nasa's RockSat program, which provides undergraduates with access to space.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoDegree ProgramPhysics & AstronomyTwitter   unknown133 (R)54 (R)Highly regarded program prepares students for research, teaching, or professional career paths.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoStudent GroupAstronomy Clubunknown133 (R)54 (R)Utilize regional planetariums and observatories for interested students.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   7133 (R)54 (R)Active programming schedule for the community.
SUNY GeneseoGeneseoCivic InstitutionSUNY Geneseo Planetariumunknown133 (R)54 (R)Facility was relocated and updated in 2011, providing access to undergraduate Astronomy students.
Roberts Weslyan CollegeChiliDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown138 (D)54 (R)A physics education within a religious context.
St. John Fisher CollegePittsfordDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown133 (R)55 (D)Smaller campus allows for more individualized experience with a diverse array of courses available.
University of RochesterRochesterDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomy (BS)unknown137 (D)56 (D)Intensive program geared towards preparing students for graduate studies in Physics or Astronomy.
University of RochesterRochesterDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown137 (D)56 (D)Intensive program geared towards graduate preparation.
University of RochesterRochesterDegree ProgramPhysics & Astronomy (PhD)unknown137 (D)56 (D)Immersive, flexible program that includes teaching and research components.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupAstronomy ClubFacebook343137 (D)56 (D)Utilizes the Mees Observatory.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupSociety of Women in Astronomy & Physics53137 (D)56 (D)Focus on increasing role of underrepresented minorities, especially women, in Physics.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupPASSAGE4137 (D)56 (D)Inclusive graduate level Physics & Astronomy networking.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupWomen of Physics & Astronomy4137 (D)56 (D)Graduate level organization focused on women in Physics & Astronomy.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupSociety of Physics Students201137 (D)56 (D)Focus on campus networking and group projects.
University of RochesterRochesterStudent GroupSPIE19137 (D)56 (D)Graduate optics organization.
University of RochesterRochesterCivic InstitutionC.E. Kenneth Mees ObservatoryFacebookunknown137 (D)56 (D)Devoted to both teaching and public observing.
University of RochesterRochesterResearch ProgramNASA Research Grant1137 (D)56 (D)Dr. Kerry O'Banion is an accomplished Neuroscientist whose work on the impacts of radiation on the brain has been supported by NASA for it's applicability to damage suffered by astronauts on deep space voyages.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramAstrophysical Sciences & Technology (MS, PhD)Twitter   unknown138 (D)56 (D)Multidisicplinary program with research opportunities through the School of Physics & Astronomy.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramPhysics (MS)Facebookunknown138 (D)56 (D)Program offers both a research and professional option.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown138 (D)56 (D)Program includes immersive co-op experiences.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown138 (D)56 (D)Diverse range of research paths creates multiple opportunities for students.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupArnold Air SocietyFacebook19138 (D)56 (D)Aerospace focused, founded in 1986.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupLaunch InitiativeTwitter   58138 (D)56 (D)Well developed and networked rocketry team.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupSpace-Time Adventuresunknown138 (D)56 (D)Sci-fi fan club (impacted due to COVID).
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupSPEX AstrodynamicsTwitter   55138 (D)56 (D)Focused on tracking & observation.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupAstronomy Club107138 (D)56 (D)Status uncertain.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupAero Design187138 (D)56 (D)Affililated with AIAA Design, Build, Fly competition.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupHouse of General ScienceTwitter   16138 (D)56 (D)Dedicated science-centric student housing.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaStudent GroupSociety of Physics Students139138 (D)56 (D)Focused on professional development.
Rochester Institute of TechnologyHenriettaCivic InstitutionRIT Observatoryunknown138 (D)56 (D)Utilized by undergraduate and gradute students.
SUNY BrockportBrockportDegree ProgramPhysicsTwitter   unknown139 (R)62 (R)Access to numerous on campus labs and a state-of-the-art planetarium.
SUNY BrockportBrockportDegree ProgramPhysics Educationunknown139 (R)62 (R)Specifically designed program for those interesting in passing the joy of Physics on to the next generation of learners.
SUNY BrockportBrockportStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   unknown139 (R)62 (R)Broad array of programming and interest areas.
SUNY BrockportBrockportCivic InstitutionLennon Hall Planetarium & Observatoryunknown139 (R)62 (R)Planetarium and Observatory utilized primarily for student research.

K-12 Schools -- 1 resource

NYers In Space -- 2 resources

AstronautBirthplaceMissionsTime In SpaceNotes
C Gordon FullertonRochesterSTS 3, STS 51-F15 days, 22 hours, and 50 minutesServed on the support crews for the Apollo 14,15,16, & 17 Moon landings.
James AdamsonWarsawSTS 28, 4313 days, 22 hours, and 21 minutesA Master Army Aviator, he commanded nuclear missile units before becoming an astronaut.
Total time in space: 29 days, 21 hours, and 11 minutes

Planetariums & Observatories -- 11 resources

Smith ObservatoryGeneva10.00"unknown131 (R)54 (R)Smith Observatory (historic site)Formerly owned by Hobart & William Smith College, now a National Historic site.
Farash ObservatoryIonia20.00"unknown131 (R)54 (R)Rochester Academy of SciencesMultiple large telescopes in use at the complex.
C.E. Kenneth Mees ObservatoryNaples24.00"unknown131 (R)54 (R)University of RochesterUtilized by the Physics & Astronomy Department.
SUNY Geneseo Planetarium & ObservatoryGeneseo20.00"unknown133 (R)54 (R)SUNY GeneseoPlanetarium & Observatory utilized by the campus Astronomy Club.
Geneseo Launch SiteGeneseoN/Aunknown133 (R)54 (R)Monroe Astronautical Rocket SocietyLargest amateur rocketry organization in New York state, hosting regular free public launches. Certifiied to launch high powered rockets capable of reaching 12,000 ft in altitude.
Rochester Museum & Science CenterRochesterN/A51138 (D)55 (D)Strasenburgh PlanetariumExtensive space related programming and events linked to the planetarium.
Strasenburgh PlanetariumRochesterN/A2138 (D)55 (D)Rochester Museum & Science CenterRobust schedule of events, special focus on children.
Challenger Learning Center RochesterRochesterN/A3136 (D)56 (D)Challenger Learning CenterCenter uses space to teach broader skills, closely aligned with teacher needs and state education curriculum.
RIT ObservatoryHenrietta14.00"unknown138 (D)56 (D)Rochester Institute of TechnologyUtilized by undergraduate and gradute students.
Penn Yan Launch SitePenn YanN/Aunknown132 (R)58 (R)Upstate Rsearch Rocketry GroupAmateur rocket launch facility with monthly launches open to the public.
Lennon Hall Planetarium & ObservatoryBrockport12.00"unknown139 (R)62 (R)SUNY BrockportPlanetarium and Observatory utilized primarily for student research.

Space Companies -- 28 resources

Cerion Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $17.1 million
11 Rochester Conducts nanomaterials research for a wide range of industries, including aerospace. 135 (D) 35 (D)
Advanced Atomization Technologies Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $136 million
(Site Specific)
340 Clyde Advanced Atomization Technologies (AA TECH) is a joint venture between Parker Aerospace and GE Aerospace, created to produce and support advanced fuel nozzles and related products for current and future commercial engine platforms, including aerospace and aero-derivative engines. 130 (R) 54 (R)
Optimax Core Space Optics & Imaging $55.8 million
350 Twitter    Ontario Highest quality precision optics manufacturer that includes NASA among it's customers, with it's products on every Mars rover and the TESS telescope. 130 (R) 54 (R)
OptiPro Systems Core Space Optics $23.3 million
90 Twitter    Ontario Specializes in optics and ceramics manufacturing, including work for NASA. 130 (R) 54 (R)
Valvetech Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $13.4 million
62 Twitter    Phelps Develops custom precision fluid control systems for aerospace and defense clients, including NASA's Orion program. 131 (R) 54 (R)
Triplett Machine Inc Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $13.9 million
60 Phelps Precision machining and manufacturing company, clients include NASA's SLS program. 131 (R) 54 (R)
B&B Precision Manufacturing Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $2.82 million
32 Avon Specializes in high-precision machining, customer base includes the aerospace industry. 133 (R) 54 (R)
Ultra Electronics Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing Victor Design and manufacture precision control systems for military and aerospace clients. 133 (R) 54 (R)
Swain Technology Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $2 million
8 Scottsville Develops high performance engine and industrial coatings. Customers include NASA's Orion program. 133 (R) 54 (R)
Arrow Electronics Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing 55 Twitter    Pittsford Manufactures an incredibly broad range of electronics parts and components. Customers include NASA's Orion program. 135 (D) 55 (D)
Ormec Systems Corp Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $8 million
32 Twitter    Brighton Provides integration automation services a wide range of aerospace components, including NASA's Exploration Ground Systems. 135 (D) 55 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics $17.2 billion
2600 Rochester Local HQ for their extensive communications & electronics manufacturing network in the Finger Lakes region. Local sites also participate in NASA's Orion crewed vehicle program. 138 (D) 55 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 1 Rochester This facility is part of the communications and electronics manufacturing network. 138 (D) 55 (D)
Addison Precision Manufacturing Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $18 million
95 Gates Multiple complex machining processes available to a wide range of clients, including the aerospace sector. 134 (R) 56 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 400 Greece This facility is part of the navigation, electronics, and communications manufacturing network. 134 (R) 56 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 2 Greece This facility is part of the navigation, electronics, and communications manufacturing network. 134 (R) 56 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 509 Greece This facility is part of the communications and electronics manufacturing network. 134 (R) 56 (D)
The Deprez Group of Travel Agents Core Space Space Tourism $14 million
68 Rochester Largest tourism agency in the Rochester region has brought Zero-G flights to the Finger Lakes while offering access and training to the growing private spaceflight industry, inclusing Virgin and Blue Origin. 136 (D) 56 (D)
DRT Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $1000 thousand
$5 million

13 Twitter    Gates Facility specializes in complex machining and honing. 137 (D) 56 (D)
Howmet Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $4 billion
38 Twitter    Rochester This facility specializes in making rings for engine systems. 137 (D) 56 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 3 Gates This facility is part of the navigation, electronics, and communications manufacturing network. 137 (D) 56 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 800 Gates This facility is part of the navigation, electronics, and communications manufacturing network. 137 (D) 56 (D)
Moog Animatics Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing Twitter    Rochester A precision manufacturing facility part of the Moog network of companies. 137 (D) 56 (D)
PGM Corp (Precision Grinding & Manufacturing) Core Space Satellite Manufacturing $37.3 million
(Site Specific)
49 Rochester PGM has 50+ years of experience over over $115 million in capital equipment focused on a wide range of precision manufacturing applications, including a significant satellite manufacturing component. 137 (D) 56 (D)
Scout Core Space Space Situational Awareness 5 Twitter    Rochester Space Situational Awareness company participating in the Rochester based Luminate Accelerator. 137 (D) 56 (D)
Brinkman Precision Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $54 million
275 Henrietta Rapidly expanding high quality machining facility that includes aerospace parts and manufacturing. 138 (D) 56 (D)
L3Harris Space & Defense Telecommunications & Electronics 65 Henrietta This facility is part of the communications and electronics manufacturing network. 138 (D) 56 (D)
EMA Design Automation Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $16 million
105 Twitter    Henrietta Veteran and family owned business in the PCB (circuit board) and other electrical and data tools. Customers include NASA's Orion program. 138 (D) 56 (D)

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