Central NY Region

Central New York is the center of the state, home to its geographic center as well as iconic statewide attractions like the New York State Fair. The region is also home to a dynamic and robust space ecosystem centered around metropolitan Syracuse.

Empire Space currently tracks over 750 jobs supported by the Space and Aerospace sectors in Central New York, with a concentration in the Space & Defense subsector. Major employers include Leidos, the Saab Group, and Lockheed Martin.

The academic sphere is powered by both public and private institutions, with Syracuse University offering a wide array of space-related programs alongside SUNY campuses in Oswego and Cortland. There are also a number of K-12 schools throughout the region with active space and astronomy programs, including 2 on campus planetariums and a BOCES portable planetarium.

The MOST museum and planetarium in Syracuse hosts a newly renovated state-of-the-art planetarium, while the Syracuse Astronomical Society has been engaging the general public in stargazing and astronomy for decades. The Syracuse Rocket Club offers local residents a path into the wonders of amateur rocketry from their launch site between Syracuse and Lake Ontario.

Central New York is not only the center of New York, it's also a dynamic presence in the statewide space ecosystem with the foundation in place for future growth.

Including 41 organizations and resources throughout the Central NY Region!

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Business Capital -- 3 resources

Business Services -- 7 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
StartFast Venture AcceleratorSyracuseStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthLow128 (D)50 (D)$1.7M in assets under management (AUM)
The HubHamiltonStartup CommunityGeneralGrowthLow121 (R)53 (R)Affiliated with the Hamilton Partnership for Community Development
Partnership for Community DevelopmentHamiltonEconomic DevelopmentGeneralGrowthModeratePartnered with the Hamilton AirparkColgate University121 (R)53 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
CenterState Corporation for Economic OpportunitySyracuseEconomic DevelopmentTechnologyGrowthLow129 (D)53 (R)
Upstate Venture ConnectSyracuseStartup AcceleratorGeneralEarly GrowthLow129 (D)53 (R)
The Tech GardenSyracuseStartup CommunityTechnologyGrowthLow129 (D)53 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
GENIUS NYSyracuseStartup AcceleratorTechnologyEarly GrowthModerateFocus on uncrewed systems with investments in several drone companies129 (D)53 (R)$3M business accelerator competition

Civic Sector -- 2 resources

Syracuse Astronomical SocietySyracuseActive110127 (D)48 (D)Darling Hill Observatory50 years of active observation, hosting regular star parties and welcoming thousands of local residents over the years.
Syracuse Rocket ClubBaldwinsvilleActiveunknown129 (D)48 (D)

Colleges & Universities -- 22 resources

InstitutionLocationCodeResourcesSocial MediaMembersADSDComments
Wells CollegeAuroraDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown126 (R)48 (D)Flexible and interdisciplinary program that includes study abroad opportunities as well as numerous partnerships with other institutions.
Wells CollegeAuroraStudent GroupPhysics Clubunknown126 (R)48 (D)Holds events such as film nights for members of the Physics community.
Le Moyne CollegeSyracuseDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown128 (D)48 (D)Students conduct original work alongside a faculty mentor.
Le Moyne CollegeSyracuseStudent GroupPhysics ClubFacebookunknown128 (D)48 (D)Chapter of the Society of Physics Students, focuses on bringing physics to the wider community.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramMechanical & Aerospace EngineeringTwitter   unknown129 (D)48 (D)Program includes access to the Fidelity MODUS 622i flight simulator, one of the most advanced in the world.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown129 (D)48 (D)Combines state of the art research facilities with small group instruction.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramAerospace Engineeringunknown129 (D)48 (D)Program offers numerous Study Abroad opportunities.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramMechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MS & PhD)Twitter   unknown129 (D)48 (D)Four specialization tracks available, preparing students for either PhD programs or the workforce.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseDegree ProgramPhysics (MS & PhD)unknown129 (D)48 (D)Diverse international department with an active alumni network.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsTwitter   5129 (D)48 (D)Focused on student enrichment and career prep.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupAIAA Facebook5129 (D)48 (D)Society for undergraduate aerospace students.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupPhysics Graduate Organizationunknown129 (D)48 (D)Refounded in 2021 to increase cohension amongst graduate Physics students.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupDrone Club2129 (D)48 (D)Works to boost undergraduate interst in Unmanned Aerial Systems, affiliated with Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupORBiTunknown129 (D)48 (D)The Orange Rocket Ballistics Team applies the lessons learned in lecture to construct hybrid rockets.
Syracuse UniversitySyracuseStudent GroupSEDSunknown129 (D)48 (D)Local SEDS chapter.
SUNY OswegoOswegoDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown66 (D)50 (D)Students develop skills in both theoretical and experimental physics.
SUNY OswegoOswegoStudent GroupPhysics ClubTwitter   unknown66 (D)50 (D)Focus on tutoring and project development.
SUNY OswegoOswegoCivic InstitutionSUNY Oswego Shineman CenterFacebookunknown66 (D)50 (D)State of the art planetarium used for both student instruction and shows for the general public.
SUNY CortlandCortlandDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Offers both Environmental Science and Geophysics tracks.
SUNY CortlandCortlandDegree ProgramPhysics & Engineering (3+2)unknown125 (D)52 (D)Program includes access to the on campus planetarium.
SUNY CortlandCortlandStudent GroupPhysics & Engineering ClubFacebookunknown125 (D)52 (D)Extensive programming with a strong focus on community outreach and engagement.
SUNY CortlandCortlandCivic InstitutionSUNY Cortland Planetariumunknown125 (D)52 (D)Opened in 2014, the facility is open to both students and the public.

K-12 Schools -- 4 resources

Southern Cayuga High SchoolAuroraSouthern Cayuga PlanetariumAfter significant community support, a renovated facility was re-opened in 2019.126 (R)48 (D)
Syracuse Academy of ScienceSyracuseSTEM focused college prep academy with specific Astronomy curriculum available to students.129 (D)48 (D)
Fayetteville Manlius High SchoolManliusFayetteville Manlius High School PlanetariumCoursework includes Observational Astronomy, planetarium was upgraded in 2017 with state assistance.127 (D)50 (D)
OCM BOCESLiverpoolOCM BOCES Portable PlanetariumProgram has been providing high level and intensive astronomy programming since 1986.128 (D)50 (D)

NYers In Space -- 3 resources

AstronautBirthplaceMissionsTime In SpaceNotes
Lawrence DeLucasSyracuseSTS 5013 days, 19 hours, and 30 minutesHas published 163 research articles and and is co-author on 43 patents.
Jeanette EppsSyracuse*plannedSlated to fly aboard Boeing's Starliner-1 test flight in 2022
Steven SwansonSyracuseSTS 117, 119195 days, 20 hours, and 47 minutesHas spent more than 195 days in space, including almost 28 hours on 5 EVA's.
Total time in space: 209 days, 16 hours, and 17 minutes

Planetariums & Observatories -- 7 resources

Southern Cayuga PlanetariumAuroraN/Aunknown126 (R)48 (D)Southern Cayuga School DistrictThe historic Planetarium was renovated after intense public advocacy and support, leading to a state-of-the-art facility reopening to students and the community in 2019.
Darling Hill ObservatorySyracuse16.00"unknown127 (D)48 (D)Syracuse Astronomical Society40 years of robust public viewing schedule.
Milton Rosenstein Museum of Science & Tech (MOST)SyracuseN/Aunknown129 (D)48 (D)Lockheed MartinFlight & space center sponsored by Lockheed Martin, includes a flight simulator.
Syracuse Rocket ClubBaldwinsvilleN/Aunknown129 (D)48 (D)Walt's HobbytownAmateur rocketry organization for Central NY, with a newsletter and regular sport launches.
Fayetteville Manlius High School PlanetariumManliusN/Aunknown127 (D)50 (D)Fayetteville-Manlius Central School DistrictCoursework includes Observational Astronomy, planetarium was upgraded in 2017 with state assistance.
SUNY Oswego Shineman CenterOswegoN/Aunknown130 (R)50 (D)SUNY OswegoState of the art planetarium used for both student instruction and shows for the general public.
SUNY Cortland PlanetariumCortlandN/Aunknown125 (D)52 (D)SUNY CortlandOpened in 2014, the facility is open to both students and the public.

Space Companies -- 10 resources

Resilienx Aerospace Aerospace Support & Development $5 million
25 Syracuse Works in management and logistics for unmanned aerial systems, and have contracts with NASA. 129 (D) 48 (D)
Distributed Technology Group LLC Core Space Aerospace Support & Development $1000 thousand
12 Syracuse Provides network and data security services to NASA, including the Exploration Ground Systems program. 129 (D) 48 (D)
Honeywell Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing 10 Facebook East Syracuse This location specializes primarily in aircraft engines. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Huntington Ingalls Industries Space & Defense Aerospace Manufacturing 87 Syracuse Brings their extensive experience in electronic warfare to protecting space-based assets. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Leidos Space & Defense Space Data $18.57 billion
246 Twitter    Syracuse Decades of experience providing technical and mission support to NASA and the broader defense and aerospace industries. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Lockheed Martin Space & Defense Aerospace Development & Support $516.32 million
(Site Specific)
50 Liverpool This facility develops and manufactures advanced radar systems for domestic and international military customers. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Saab Group Space & Defense Aerospace Development & Support $178.3 million
463 Twitter    East Syracuse Branch of Saab's North American operations that specializes in military radar and air traffic control systems. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Arrow Electronics Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing Twitter    Syracuse Manufactures an incredibly broad range of electronics parts and components. Customers include NASA's Orion program. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Anaren Inc/ TTM Technologies Space & Defense Aerospace Manufacturing $2.28 billion
1024 East Syracuse Provides a wide range of electronics manufacturing options for space and aerospace customers including NASA's Orion program. 128 (D) 50 (D)
Knowles Capacitors Core Space Satellite Manufacturing 64 Cazenovia Develops advanced microwave components for a wide range of applications, including satellite communications. 121 (R) 53 (R)

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