Southern Tier Region

The Southern Tier is a region of rolling hill country dotted by the mid-sized cities of Ithaca, Binghamton, and Elmira. These cities serve as regional anchors for a vibrant civic and academic space sector.

Over 7,500 Southern Tier jobs are supported in the regional space ecosystem, with a significant majority of that total coming from major Space & Defense companies such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and Amphenol Aerospace. Ursa Space Systems, located in Ithaca, is a prominent Core Space company making news in the ever changing satellite industry.

Ithaca is a lakeside college town that hosts multiple universities like Cornell and Ithaca College that are home to on-campus observatories as well as offering extensive and diverse degree programs. The Binghamton area is home to phenomenal civic space resources such as the Roberson Museum & Science Center as well as the Kopernik Observatory and Astronomy Society. Elmira is home to the Eileen Collins Observatory (named for their native daughter) as well as the Wings of Discovery aerospace museum.

It's clear that in the cities nestled among the wooded hills of the Southern Tier there is a vibrant civic and academic space ecosystem ready to serve as the foundation for future growth.

Including 51 organizations and resources throughout the Southern Tier Region!

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Business Capital -- 6 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementAssetsUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
BingTech VenturesBinghamtonVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthLowBinghamton University123 (D)52 (D)
Cayuga VenturesIthacaVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthLow125 (D)54 (R)New York Ventures affiliated
Kensa GroupIthacaVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthLow125 (D)54 (R)
Contrary Capital - CornellIthacaVenture CapitalGeneralEarly GrowthLowCornell125 (D)58 (R)Include resources for starting startups at affiliated universities
BR VenturesIthacaVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthLowCornell University125 (D)58 (R)Invest up to $250K per company
Triphammer VenturesIthacaVenture CapitalTechnologyEarly GrowthLow125 (D)58 (R)

Business Services -- 6 resources

OrganizationLocationTypeBusiness FocusBusiness StageSpace Focus LevelSpace InvolvementUniversitySocial MediaADSDNotes
Koffman Southern Tier IncubatorBinghamtonStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationLowBinghamton University123 (D)52 (D)
NASA New York Space Grant ConsortiumIthacaFinancial ServicesSpaceGrowthHighPromotes NY space, science, and STEM education, research, and enterpriseCornell UniversityTwitter   125 (D)58 (R)Offering includes NASA National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program and New York Space Grant
Southern Tier Startup AllianceIthacaStartup CommunityGeneralEarly GrowthLowCornell University, Binghampton University125 (D)58 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
Cornell Venture CapitalIthacaStartup IncubatorTechnologyFoundationLowCornell University125 (D)58 (R)
Rev: Ithaca Startup WorksIthacaStartup IncubatorGeneralFoundationModerateHosted "Ursa Space"Ithaca College125 (D)58 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator
IncubatorWorksCorningStartup IncubatorGeneralEarly GrowthLow132 (R)58 (R)New York State certified Business Incubator

Civic Sector -- 3 resources

Colleges & Universities -- 28 resources

InstitutionLocationCodeResourcesSocial MediaMembersADSDComments
Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown123 (D)52 (D)Program offers both theoretical and experiment tracks.
Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonStudent GroupAeroBingunknown123 (D)52 (D)Ambitious student effort to launch the 1st amateur rocket from New York into space, and only the 2nd University team to ever accomplish the feat.
Binghamton UniversityBinghamtonStudent GroupAstronomy Club465123 (D)52 (D)Events include a 'S'mores & Stargazing' campfire.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramSpace Science & EngineeringTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Focus on satellite systems and remote sensing.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramApplied & Engineering PhysicsTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Extensive and diverse cross disciplinary research portfolio.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramEarth & Atmospheric SciencesTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Areas of study include geophysics and applied climatology.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramMaterials Science & Engineeringunknown125 (D)52 (D)Regularly ranked as a Top 10 Materials Science program by US News & Reports.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramSibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Overarching school for a wide range of MAE degree programs.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramAstronomyTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Numerous opportunities include potential work with NASA as well as two off campus Observatories.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramPhysicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Modular curriculum allows for different student specializations and concentrations.
CornellIthacaDegree ProgramScience & Technology Studiesunknown125 (D)52 (D)Program explores the social and cultural aspects of technology.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCornell Rocketry TeamFacebook40125 (D)52 (D)Annual goal of designing a rocket to compete in the Spaceport America Cup.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCornell Astronomical SocietyFacebook5125 (D)52 (D)Access to extensive observing resources, including the Fuertes Observatory.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupAstronomy Graduates NetworkTwitter   7125 (D)52 (D)Focus on building a strong graduate Astronomy community while conducting extensive public outreach.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCosmic Cornell1125 (D)52 (D)Holistic approach to the study of our future in space. Group may no longer be active
CornellIthacaStudent GroupCornell Chapter of the AIAAFacebook5125 (D)52 (D)Promotes the interests of aerospace students.
CornellIthacaStudent GroupSIGMA: Grads in Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringFacebookunknown125 (D)52 (D)Graduate organization for the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department.
CornellIthacaCivic InstitutionHartung-Boothroyd ObservatoryFacebookunknown125 (D)52 (D)Used primarily for graduate Astronomy research.
CornellIthacaCivic InstitutionFuertes ObservatoryTwitter   unknown125 (D)52 (D)Operated by the Cornell Astronomy Department, used for public viewing events.
CornellIthacaResearch ProgramSpacecraft Planetary Imaging Facilityunknown125 (D)52 (D)Provides research support for students and planetary scientists, also conducts educational outreach throughout Central NY.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaDegree ProgramApplied Physicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Program is rooted in flexibility with a liberal arts core.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaDegree ProgramPhysics-Mathematicsunknown125 (D)52 (D)Program built on the interconnected nature of physics and mathematics.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaDegree ProgramPhysics-Engineeringunknown125 (D)52 (D)Students receive 2 Bachelors in 5 years, Physics at Ithaca College and an Engineering degree from another institution (most of which are in New York).
Ithaca CollegeIthacaStudent GroupSociety of Physics StudentsFacebook4125 (D)52 (D)Focused on student professional development.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaStudent GroupAstronomy Club2125 (D)52 (D)Focused on making astronomy accessible for a diverse array of students.
Ithaca CollegeIthacaCivic InstitutionClinton B. Ford Observatoryunknown125 (D)52 (D)Built in 1998, hosts public viewing nights.
Corning Community CollegeCorningDegree ProgramEngineering Scienceunknown66 (D)58 (R)2 year program prepares students for careers or further study in various fields of engineering, including Physics and Aerospace.
Corning Community CollegeCorningCivic InstitutionEileen Collens Observatoryunknown66 (D)58 (R)Hosts regular public viewing nights.

NYers In Space -- 3 resources

AstronautBirthplaceMissionsTime In SpaceNotes
Douglas WheelockWindsorSTS 120, Soyuz TMA-19178 days, 9 hours, and 34 minutesSpent more than 43 hours on 6 separate EVA's.
Eileen CollinsElmiraSTS 63, 84, 93, 11438 days, 8 hours, and 20 minutes1st female Shuttle commander
Doug HurleyEndicottSTS 127, 135, Spx DM 292 days, 10 hours, and 38 minutesCommander of the SpaceX Demo 2 mission, the 1st crewed flight of a private spacecraft.
Total time in space: 309 days, 4 hours, and 32 minutes

Planetariums & Observatories -- 11 resources

Roberson PlanetariumBinghamtonN/A1123 (D)52 (D)Roberson Museum & Science CenterServes thousands of schoolchildren and the general public every year.
Kopernik ObservatoryVestal20.00"5123 (D)52 (D)Kopernik Astronomical SocietyNumerous public events and festivals year round.
Roberson Museum & Science CenterBinghamtonN/A17123 (D)52 (D)Roberson PlanetariumWide range of events and exhibits.
Kopernik Science CenterVestalN/A5123 (D)52 (D)Kopernik ObservatoryPart of a full science complex specifically designed for K-12 students, teachers, and families.
Hartung-Boothroyd ObservatoryIthaca25.00"unknown125 (D)52 (D)Cornell UniversityUsed primarily for graduate Astronomy research.
Fuertes ObservatoryIthaca12.00"unknown125 (D)52 (D)Cornell UniversityPublic viewing nights courtesy of the Cornell Astronomical Society.
SciencenterIthacaN/A11125 (D)52 (D)(Sagan Walk)Outdoor exhibit exploring the Universe.
Clinton B. Ford ObservatoryIthaca16.00"unknown125 (D)52 (D)Ithaca CollegeBuilt in 1998, does host public viewing nights.
Wings of Eagles Discovery CenterHorseheadsN/A6124 (R)58 (R)(Aerospace collection)Aerospace museum and exhibit center.
Corning Museum of GlassCorningN/A233132 (R)58 (R)(Journey to the Moon)Numerous exhibits about the history of glass in space.
Eileen Collins ObservatoryCorning20.00"unknown132 (R)58 (R)Corning Community CollegeHost regular public viewing nights.

Space Companies -- 15 resources

Amphenol Aerospace Space & Defense Aerospace Manufacturing $8 billion
1000 Twitter    Sidney Southern Tier facility is a leading military and aerospace manufacturer of precision connective parts. 122 (R) 51 (R)
Unison Industries/GE Aerospace Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $543 million
66 Norwich Aviation parts manufacturer. 122 (R) 51 (R)
BAE Systems Space & Defense Space Force/Military $526.46 million
1385 Endicott This facility offers a wide range of commercial and defense electronics manufacturing capabilities. 123 (D) 52 (D)
Collins Aerospace Aerospace Flight Simulation $18.3 billion
250 Twitter    Binghamton Another aerospace facility in the Collins Aerospace/Raytheon portfolio. 123 (D) 52 (D)
JH Robotics Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $5 million
$8 million

35 Facebook Johnson City Industry leader integrating robotics into aerospace manufacturing. 123 (D) 52 (D)
George Industries LLC Core Space Aerospace Manufacturing $25.2 million
134 Endicott 100,000 sq foot fabrication and machining facility that serves the aerospace and defense industries, including NASA's Orion program. 123 (D) 52 (D)
Grammatech Space & Defense Software Development & Security $8.5 million
(Site Specific)
100 Ithaca Develops advanced software platforms with a focus on security, including for aerospace and defense clients. 125 (D) 52 (D)
IMR Test Labs Aerospace Aerospace Development & Support $5.08 million
75 Lansing Advanced aerospace materials testing facility. 125 (D) 52 (D)
MACOM Core Space Satellite Manufacturing $200 thousand
(Site Specific)
3 Ithaca MACOM offers industry leading RF, Microwave and mmWave chip-set solutions for a broad range of satellite communication applications. 125 (D) 52 (D)
Precision Filters Core Space Launch, Rocketry, & Propulsion $11.3 million
(Site Specific)
37 Twitter    Ithaca Precision Filters' suite of signal conditioning products was developed for measurement challenges like those encountered in testing rocket engines. 125 (D) 52 (D)
Therm, Incorporated Aerospace Aerospace Manufacturing $52.8 million
200 Ithaca The manufacturing group specializes in making precision machine parts to close tolerances, especially in prototype development work for turbo-machinery, turbine engines and rockets. 125 (D) 52 (D)
Ursa Space Systems Core Space Space Data $2 million
39 Ithaca Founded to bridge the gap between high quality satellite data and the terrestrial users who needed it the most. 125 (D) 52 (D)
ENSCO Avionics Aerospace Aerospace Development & Support 20 - 49 Twitter    Endicott ENSCO helps its customers meet their avionics systems development and certification goals through a focus on software and programmable hardware engineering services. 124 (R) 58 (R)
Lockheed Martin Space & Defense Space Force/Military $500 million
$1000 million

1000 - 4999 Owego Large machining and manufacturing facility with a focus on Data, Communications, and Avionics systems. This location does work for NASA's Orion program. 124 (R) 58 (R)
MACOM Core Space Satellite Manufacturing $305 thousand
(Site Specific)
5 Horseheads MACOM offers industry leading RF, Microwave and mmWave chip-set solutions for a broad range of satellite communication applications. 124 (R) 58 (R)

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